7 Dishes for Creating Jobs and Making Money!

Since we’ve entered Phase 3 of easing measures, people are starting to get back to work and the atmosphere is becoming lively again. However, we believe a lot of people were more or less affected by the virus. Therefore, they have to adjust and turn this crisis into an opportunity.

The opportunity to create income from a secondary or new job like selling food is an option for everyone since it only requires a small investment and doesn’t take a long time to generate income and, most importantly, you get paid back quickly.
That’s why we’re going to introduce you to the 7 Dishes for Creating Jobs and Making Money! So, you can just watch and copy. We’ll reveal all of the ingredients and secrets for making them delicious and in the exact same way as a professional, so everyone can turn this crisis into an opportunity and get back on their feet again.

The Easier to Eat, the More Attractive. You Can Easily Fill Your Pockets with Money

Sticky Rice and Fried Chicken Will Always Sell Well:  

Just the fragrant aroma of the chicken can draw in customers and it’s even better when they try the bite-size pieces of chicken with perfectly textured sticky rice. We guarantee you’ll have more regular customers very quickly.  Sticky rice and fried chicken can be sold in the morning, at lunchtime or in the evening or all day long. Sticky rice and fried chicken can also be sold anytime.
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3 Hit Pizza Toppings:  

If you have a good location in a market, don’t miss out on the chance to sell pizza, which can bring a good price. You can add to the value by offering a variety of toppings such as the hit supreme, seafood and Hawaiian toppings. Pizza is also naturally sold in trays, allowing you to sell even more, especially on the weekend when there’s a chance people will gather and the pizza will sell well.
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French Fry Shakes with Cheese and Paprika for Added Value

French fries are a snack Thai people have been familiar with for a long time. Children and adults alike enjoy French fries and it’s a dish that’s sure to be tasty and easy to make. Just fry it and you can sell it. You can also add value and uniqueness with cheese or paprika powder. The best location for selling French fry shakes is anywhere with crowds, especially in front of a school. French fry shakes is a snack kids are sure to love.

Toasts with 7 Toppings

Whether you sell toast in the morning as breakfast or in the afternoon as a snack, you’ll always draw in customers. It’s not only delicious, but also attractive with a large range of toppings. Customers can have fun choosing the topping and this increases the chance they’ll buy more. Buy the Toasts with 7 Toppings Startup Kit Here, Click 

Sticky Rice with Grilled Pork; Easy Sale, No Marinating Necessary:

 It’s one of the top breakfast dishes for just about everybody.  Of course, it’ll sell well, especially now when you can find pre-marinated pork ready to be grilled. It’s easy to make and guaranteed to be delicious and convenient to sell. You can also make your grilled pork stand out by adding a tasty dip you can buy immediately.

Fried Egg Over Rice, a Hit Dish That Sells Anywhere Anytime:

The sound of a frying egg and the smell of a fried egg will easily attract customers to come an buy their breakfast. However, if you want to stand out, your fried egg needs an added topping or a variety of fillings for customers to choose from. Other than selling in crowded places in the morning, fried egg over rice is also a hit dish at events, so prepare to go to some parties!

Chilled Bottles of Drinks Increase the Chance of Buying More Than 1 Bottle:  

Cold, sweet, refreshing beverages are bought and drunk every day by office workers or even students. Especially on a hot day, a cold, sweet drink is just what they need. You can make the drinks convenient to sell and increase the chance that customers will buy more by bottling them. Bottling drinks can make customers buy more each time because they can buy and keep them for drinking later or buy to take home. They’re convenient for carrying to take home.  What’s more, you can sell the chilled bottled drinks along with other items since chilled bottled drinks can be made at home. At the storefront, you only have to chill them and you can grab them to sell easily.

To sell well, you need a good location!

Other than an idea and a tasty product, location is also important. When choosing a location, other than having a crowd, you also need to check if the target market is the right choice for the products you want to sell. For example:

Schools: Your main target would be students, so your prices can’t be high. You’d have to sell food kids will eat and the selling time is after school.

Universities or University Markets: Your main target would be students, so you need dishes that are novel, stand out, are different or are trending. Most importantly, you have to befriend your customers, so they can tell other students about you and boost your sales.

Markets Next to Office Buildings: At government buildings, office workers have to make time because they have to rush to work in the morning and have limited time at noon, so they need conveniently wrapped fast food. It’s even better if they can buy it to go eat in the building or at their desks. This increases the chance they will buy the products.

Hospitals: From our survey of locations for restaurants, hospitals are interesting locations because a lot of people use their services each day and you can sell from the early morning until about three in the afternoon. One advantage is that there aren’t usually a lot of restaurants to choose from in a hospital, depending on the size of the hospital. The majority of people going there are patients and their relatives who can’t go out far to find something to eat and have to wait in line to be called. This is an advantage of selling food or beverages in a hospital.

Gas Stations: Nowadays, gas stations aren’t just a place for people to stop for gas and then leave. More and more, gas stations are being improved into something like small community malls. Some gas stations have almost turned into centers for food, beverages and gifts. Of course, the way gas stations have adapted themselves have made them another interesting location because they get a lot of traffic.

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