The best sliced beef – Shabu restaurants must have: chuck eye sliced, beef rump sliced, chuck roll sliced and shank beef sliced

Dec 24, 2020
Shabu restaurant is still well popular as it’s atmosphere and charm as the place to gather around of friends, family or relatives for dining time considered to be the moment of joy. With various and supplied ingredients of food for them to choose are capable to service every ages of customers since youth to elder as healthy buffet without frying or grilling, precaution of burning food. These make business of Shabu restaurant keep growing in the society of Thai people.

Shabu - the best beef sliced

A word of “Shabu” as familiarity that we have known from the full name of “ShabuShabu”. It means Japanese dining cuisine setting the hot soup in the pot as ingredients of vegetables and meat blanching one by one. Thai Shabu is altered with additional pork, chicken and processed ingredients such as tofu, sausage, crab stick etc. for dining variety and joy. But the best ingredient of Shabu is beef sliced well done dipped in soup before tasting its softness and the taste of soup.

Upgrade the price with serving beef sliced

There are small and big brand businesses of Shabu restaurant with the price from 199 – 1299 baht depend on variety and quality of ingredients. Although every Shabu restaurants use similar ingredients of vegetables, meat and processed ingredients, but if one restaurant got the option of beef ingredients – will make the restaurant stand out and becomes the restaurant signature to boost the sales figure.

Even though it could cost more for restaurant in serving, but customers would be willing to pay for the service as well. Increasing price could be done in many channels, for example Buffet restaurant could play with price number like normal set with chicken and pork is 199 baht, buffet set with additional beef is 259 baht or normal set with additional beef served as A la carte.

The best Shabu is the thin slice of beef

Delicious taste of beef sliced is the result of perfect size to cook, for example steak needs to cut with proper thickness giving the better taste. Speaking of hot pot with soup or Shabu, needs thin beef sliced because of short time of blenching will not make it hard texture.

The word of Shabuu Shabuu originally comes from Shabu Shabu, a bit differently on pronunciation. It was the sound of meat, dipping in the hot pot of soup with chopsticks blenching in with the taste of soup. With the perfect thinness of slice and blenching it in the soup approximately 10 seconds are the secret tip of well-done beef and well-done absorption of the taste of soup.

Credit : th.openrice

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