You Can Sell Shrimp Anytime for a Good Price; Keep Steady-Priced, Peeled Shrimp Ready to Be Cooked at Your Restaurant All Year Round!

Nov 25, 2020
When talking about regular ingredients for restaurants, other than pork and chicken, you can’t not have shrimp. You need shrimp at your restaurant to meet customer demands. Shrimp, small but very tasty ingredients. You can make it into several dishes. Whether it’s boiled, stir-fried, curried or fried, shrimp can turn out great and, of course, your restaurant can up the price for dishes if they use shrimp instead of pork or chicken. However, in order to serve shrimp that can impress your customers with the kind of deliciousness and firmness that challenge their tongue and teeth, you need to choose shrimp that can maintain their freshness from the time they leave the water to when they’re served up to the customers.

Shrimp must be served fresh and everything must be served up.

The Secret to Selecting Fresh Shrimp: Restaurateurs are probably already experts in selecting ingredients, from looking at the antennae and head that are still attached to the shrimp to how the shell is filled out and the color of the shell. If the shell has a brown or red tint, it means that the shrimp is not so fresh anymore. The freshness lasts for just a short time. Once you buy them, you need to use them all up. If there’s any shrimp left over, the flavor, texture and smell will change and you’ll have to throw them away because you can’t serve them, driving up your restaurant’s cost.

Frozen tail-on shrimp are more convenient and can maintain their freshness for longer.

Nowadays, there are frozen tail-on shrimp that have gone through processes meeting international standards to maintain consistent quality and preserve long-lasting freshness. There are different sizes for you to choose like large sizes of 90 – 106 shrimp/kg and small sizes of 107-123 shrimp/kg. They’re great for restaurateurs. You can select shrimp as an ingredient for your restaurant all year round at a stable price. They’re already peeled, so you can use them right awaywithout wasting your employees’ preparation time. Every shrimp is of standard quality and you reduce the loss of quality from peeling. The tail is left intact to make every dish attractive. Every shrimp is of the same size, allowing you to easily control the quality, amount and food cost of every dish.
You can buy both large (90 – 106 shrimp/kg) large-sized (90 – 106 shrimp/kg) and small-sized (107 – 123 shrimp) frozen tail-on shrimp at Makro Click.

Shrimp Dish Ideas that Sell Easily and Fetch a Good Price

Shrimp dishes like shrimp stir-fried with broccoli, shrimp stir-fried with vegetables, tom yam kung, shrimp fried rice, shrimp phat kaphrao and shrimp porridge… These dishes are still menu items for restaurants that restaurant owners are familiar with. Let’s take a look at what new creative menu items you can make with shrimp. And, of course, restaurant owners will like these menu items since they sell easily for a good price.

 Shrimp Street Food: Grill skewered shrimp. Squeeze some lemon on it, dip it in sour cream or wasabi cream and serve it with buttered grilled corn. Seafood tempura served with sour cream and ketchup. Or, you could serve French fries with shrimp tempura. Add a little more flavor with different flavor powders like paprika, wasabi or cheese. Aside from opening a street food shop, shrimp street food can also be served as a special menu at restaurants.


Shrimp Cocktail Hors d'oeuvres and Snacks:  Caterers definitely love frozen tail-on shrimp since they come in similar selected sizes. When they’re made into a cocktail or a snack at a party or event, the food arranged on the tables look more attractive and pricier. Examples include shrimp wrapped with bacon, shrimp wrapped with noodles and garlic bread topped with shrimp. Restaurants, too, can put cocktail menu items in their recommended menu and serve them as hors d’oeuvres while customers wait for the main course.

Shrimp Dim Sum: Shrimp har gow, shrimp spring rolls and shrimp wontons. When tail-on shrimp are used, the dim sum looks even bigger and more attractive. Even shrimp toast, shumai and super hit dim sum menu items can use finely minced frozen shrimp.

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