Pasta Is Hugely Popular! There Are All Kinds of Noodles Your Restaurant Can Serve, Including

Nov 18, 2020
 We believe that pasta, or “spaghetti” as we’re accustomed to calling it, is another favorite for a lot of people and restaurant owners because it looks attractive and is easy to sell. You can add many toppings for added value. Pasta can be sold at any restaurant, coffee shop or café and is becoming a trendy hit. Even your restaurant can serve pasta or spaghetti. 

Getting to Know Pasta:

When someone mentions pasta, you automatically know it’s an Italian dish that originated in Italy. Pasta’s journey though time and adaptation and introduction into other eating cultures have given spaghetti the chance to adapt itself into many more varieties. That’s why you see Italian-style spaghetti or Thai-style spaghetti.

Pasta has been modified to better suit Thai taste buds. Restaurants can offer something different from the same old variety such as phat khimao spaghetti, tom yam kung macaroni and green curry spaghetti. Other than offering creative new menu items in your restaurant, you could also open a restaurant that exclusively sells spaghetti due to the many types of noodles and sauces. In addition, pasta is something you can open a booth to sell at events. For instance, you could cook the noodles and top them with sauce or stir-fry them as a Thai-style dish. This is why pasta is something restaurant owners should try their hand at!

La Molisana, Pasta Noodles Imported from Italy:

Pasta lovers are probably familiar with La Molisana because their noodles are imported from Italy. The noodles are made from durum wheat, which gives them a distinct flavor. La Molisana noodles are dry noodles that are convenient to cook. More importantly, restaurants can find them easily and they are easy to store. They can be cooked when there’s an order. The noodles come in standard sizes with an even pale-yellow color on every noodle. Moreover, the texture is tender and chewy and goes well with many kinds of sauces. Or, you could use them in a delicious stir-fry. So, whether your restaurant serves it in an Italian style, Japanese style or Thai style, La Molisana can always give you a rich and well-balanced flavor. 

Getting to know spaghetti.

The spaghetti we’re all familiar with is actually a type of pasta. There are over 500 types of pasta and each one has a different name. Other than for attractiveness, the complex shapes were designed to hold sauces better.

Spaghetti is a small, round and long noodle that can go with several kinds of sauces. It can be eaten with a rich tomato sauce, which Thais are familiar with, or carbonara sauce. Otherwise, Thai-style dishes such as phat kaphrao, phat khimao, phat plakhem or phat pla salid are just as good as the Italian style.

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Hit Pasta Noodles Your Restaurant’s Gotta Have!
Pasta noodles are produced using mainly flour, so their flavor is nothing special. However, they are tender and chewy. That’s why they are usually mixed with sauce before eating. In addition, there are many types of pasta sauces.

Linguine is similar to spaghetti but wider and flatter. Linguine is about 6 – 9 mm wide. It’s usually eaten with oil-based pasta sauces. For example, it can be stir-fried with olive oil, basil oil or seafood.

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Fusilli is a short corkscrew-shaped pasta. It’s usually made to be thicker than other types of pasta and is usually baked with cheese and a variety of sauces. Fusilli’s corkscrew shape takes up quite a bit of space and so it has to be thicker than other types of pastas. Fusilli’s usually mixed with vegetables, such as beetroot, tomato or spinach, to add color to the noodles.

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Macaroni is a short, curved and tube-shaped pasta. Abroad, macaroni is usually baked with cheese. In Thailand, it can be made into several dishes such as macaroni stir-fried with sauce or clear macaroni soup.
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Squid Ink Fettuccine is flatter and wider than linguine. Normally, fettuccine also comes in a variety with a pale-yellow color. It’s usually eaten with a rich sauce such as carbonara sauce, Bolognese sauce or cream of mushroom sauce. Squid ink fettuccine is a flat pasta mixed with squid ink to give the noodles a black color. You’ll also taste the rich and greasy flavor from the squid. What makes this noodle so appetizing is the color of the ingredients added to contrast the noodle’s black color, for example, when made into squid ink pasta stir-fried with mussels.
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