Your Restaurant Can Serve Original Recipes, Too! Spaghetti and Southern-Style Curries; Easy to Make, Quick to Serve and All Delicious

Oct 01, 2020
We believe that every restaurant wants to constantly improve and adapt their strategies to motivate and attract more customers. Since restaurants are easy to open, owners are constantly facing all kinds of competition such as restaurants with a storefront and online restaurants. And now that the delivery business has grown, the number of restaurants has increased and grown with it. So, if you want a selling point that sets you apart, having original recipes is an option that can give a restaurant new and unique menu items. The original recipes we’d like to recommend include spaghetti and southern-style curries.
You can add a variety of ingredients to spaghetti, a dish originally from Italy, and sell it at a good price. There are many options such as Frozen Spaghetti Carbonara Ham, Spaghetti with Pork in Tomato Sauce and Frozen Spaghetti with Pork in Spice, all of which are easy to prepare. Just heat one in a microwave or boil it in hot water, tear open the package, pour it on a plate and decorate it a bit and it’s ready to be served. These dishes can also add value to the restaurant. You can earn a little more profit on them by adding a few more ingredients. For example, you can top spaghetti with large pieces of crispy bacon or an onsen egg. Once the egg is cut open, the yolk will pour out, making the dish even more colorful and appetizing with added value.  Even better, you can serve it alongside pork or a salmon steak.

Or you can serve it along with about two pieces of German sausages to make it a big meal, so customers pay more, etc. Makro has selected some readymade spaghetti dishes that are easy to make. One package of the product is just enough for one serving. They are easy to make delicious and the flavor is stable. They are produced in an up-to-standard factory and go through a quick freezing process to preserve and maintain product quality. They can be stored frozen for two years without affecting cost or becoming a risk for spoilage, which makes them particularly suitable for restaurateurs. You can buy readymade spaghetti products at Makro Click
You can buy ARO Frozen Spaghetti Carbonara Ham at Makro Click
You can buy ARO Spaghetti with Pork in Tomato Sauce at Makro Click
You can buy ARO Frozen Spaghetti with Pork in Spice at Makro Click
Popular southern-style dishes that will make anyone crave their unique flavors stand out with the spiciness and richness of the ingredients of well-known, popular southern-style dishes that restaurants can put on their recommended dishes menu to draw in customers with Frozen Preserved Bamboo Shoot Yellow Curry with Saba, Frozen Southern-Style Spicy Fish Soup and Frozen Fried Pork with Yellow Curry Paste. All of these dishes are readymade and have been frozen to make it convenient for restaurants. They are easy to prepare. Just heat one in a microwave or boil it in hot water, tear open the package and pour it on a plate.

ARO frozen southern-style food uses quality ingredients. We make the curry paste ourselves and use our own secret authentic traditional recipe from the south. The recipe is rich, colorful and appetizing. The saba fish and pork are tender with an aroma of spices and herbs from the south that are distinguished and enticing and will make your mouth water. The production process is up-to-standard, clean and safe. The products contain no preservatives.

You can buy ARO Frozen Preserved Bamboo Shoot Yellow Curry with Saba at Makro Click
You can buy ARO Frozen Southern-Style Spicy Fish Soup at Makro Click
You can buy ARO Frozen Fried Pork with Yellow Curry Paste at Makro Click
Frozen spaghetti and southern-style curry products are great for small kitchens with limited space. There’s no need to hire more employees or chefs. Even the employees you already have who have no experience can prepare them, because they are readymade and the flavor is stable and, of course, just like the traditional recipes.

Your restaurant can serve the food in sets and recommend them to customers as promotional sets, for example, spaghetti + 1 piece of cake + 1 beverage. Or you can make sets for two people with dishes like spaghetti + steak + salad + 1 piece of cake + 2 beverages. As for the southern-style curry dishes:

Southern-style dish + fried food + rice + 1 beverage. Or, if it’s a set for two people, southern-style dish + fried pork with yellow curry paste + fried food + rice + 2 beverages.

It’s a way to make it easier for customers to decide (and, of course, order more) and to increase the total payment per bill. You can give customers more attention by offering to serve them in courses. Serve the main course first and then later serve the beverages or snacks after the main course. This will make it even more impressive.

You can learn more about how to set prices and create promotional sets from our online course:
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