How to start up Street Food restaurant in 2021

Aug 22, 2021

How to start up Street Food restaurant in 2021

Street Food is one of the interesting business to start with as basic traditional Thai cuisine for small budget of investment. Street Food in 2021 is expected to worth up to 340,000 million baht or to expand the balance out to percentage of 5.3 per year. Today MHA is given the process and advice to start up Street Food business in 2021 for anyone who interested to start up the restaurant.

  1. Choose the menu first: Choosing the menu for Street Food restaurant may be considered in different matters for example, people that know how to cook could choose the menu that they could do to make it stand out and later find the perfect one for Street Food menu with less cooking and less time for customer to eat. It could be single meal or combo set and easy to take away like order-to-cook, steak, grilling – fried recipes, beverage etc. Location can be used as landmark for open up the sales by observing the location idea to sell something which is not available at that area to prevent repetition. Then selecting the stand out menu is the next step or the idea of selling one menu is suggested to contact the franchise of Street Food as one of the options to start up the business.

2. Make the difference to your Street Food: whether to your menu or your restaurant by renovation or decoration stand out comparing to other restaurant or even the interesting name can get recognition of customers as well such as pork satay by Mrs. Aut, Noodles & Salad with fresh meat ball, bullet chicken fried, delivery fast as bullet. Decoration doesn’t need costly budget to identify its uniqueness with the help of full ingredients of food, regularity management, logo, name and explicit menu list. In the part of Menu, it also needs the adjustment to make it different than other ordinary menu like fried banana blossom sprinkled with tea leaves, stir-fried variety, Chinese cruller with dipping sauces, Japanese crepe variety moreover, with the special recipe could make it more popular as well.

3. Select the location for Street Food: ordinary Street Food restaurant is dependent on walk-in customers to dinning in restaurant, but we can not deny delivery is also crucial at the moment. Therefore, location can be significantly beneficial for delivery and walk-in customers with the place nearby such as office, company, department store, school etc.

Prohibition and regulation of street selling in public place of each province are necessary for food truck or booth before business start-up in area. Market, Food Zone, Walking Street and Night Brazza are variables for decision making of start-up Street food restaurant because they are designed for this business. But there are cost for shop rental, in contrast Food Truck may get better opportunity as its movable to attend events. Learn more about how to choose the location at “Better start-up with perfect location” 

4. The possibility of Street Food marketing: Street Food restaurant presently need fundamental and online marketing, starts with price setting strategy and sales support by psychological price setting with the ending number of 9 or slight lower price than competitor for business advantage. Cutting the price of required amount helps in sales support for example, 7 baht – grilled skewered pork – 3 skewers cost 20 baht or special offer of hamburger franchise and score collecting with card given away to customers and so on.

Advertisement with brochures: consists of map, recommended menu and contacts for other ordering channels with the additional online marketing with Facebook page. Content lessons and online selling through Facebook and other platforms for example, page selling – Heromooplara at Khok Wua intersection  or relevant group selling or neighborhood area group like Rakdonmuang , delicious food in Nakhon Prathom  and Market Place which we can upload new products to promote the restaurant.

Fundamental marketing of Street Food is to make the difference than others – the difference in any aspects to build up the strength and storyline to the restaurant as marketing tool.

Moreover, restaurant management is important as well, Street Food restaurant requires the concerns of additional compounds as such;

  1. Other quality concerns 
– Food – direct relevance of freshness of ingredient and hygiene of cooking with standard taste, Profession of ingredient measurement and controllation of relating factors to cooking make the stability of taste stay usual.

– Hygiene – beginning with ingredient containments, tool washed off, include the cleanliness of cooks and staffs in clothing and cooking procedure with lesson of obligation of restaurant at Food and Water Sanitation Bureau , the collecting place of waste management to dispose precisely.

– Service – frequent time-set of opening-closing, friendly and sincere providing to customers with precise calculation and dining tools or relevant selling matters are required for every restaurants.

2.Street Food-restaurant management; consisting of
  • Financial planning – with ledger accounts of daily capital and ingredient cost includes daily sales in beneficial estimation and monthly ledger accounts.
  • Work performed management – whether small or big restaurants, both needs zoning of tools for the convenience and safety of usage for example, stove & gas tank zone with ingredient shelf above 60 cm., the dining tables don’t block the aisle.
  • Sales record of best-selling menu – helps in selecting best-selling meal and less favorite of customers in ordering managing the ingredient and menu design in the future.

3. Street Food measures during Covid-19
  • Always wear mask and gloves especially during cooking, serving and having conversation with customer
  • The service of hand sanitizer is a must and restaurant in closed area needs to ventilate and to check customer temperature before entering atmosphere
  • Distancing is needed during dining and waiting in line for the order such as 1-2 meters sitting, 1 meter of standing and explicit waiting zone for deliveryman.
  • Available E-payment service such as transaction, QR Code scanning and so on to avoid the touch of money

Precaution of start-up – Street Food restaurant

  1. Less funding on decoration: decoration helps better recognition for the restaurant, but spending on it too much could cause long term problem as the result of the period of payback. Restaurant must remain the supporting budget for emergency at the beginning.
  2. Less target around the area: or lost place to get on delivery have been difficult to approach the customers even though there are online sales or delivery.
  3. Marketing is not going good:without good promotion, it will rely on customer word of mouth to gain recognition and trust in wide spread which uses lot of time.
MHA is proud to present the information of start-up business at beginner of restaurant start-up . Learn more of other additional information at online course of  Makro Horeca Academy h and see you next time with the topic of restaurant marketing!

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