Clean and Safe Ice You Can Have Just by Having an Ice Machine at Your Shop

Clean and Safe Ice You Can Have Just by Having an Ice Machine at Your Shop

Ice is one important component of making coffee and other beverages. In making a cup of coffee complete, ice is an important factor that you have to take a great deal of care in its selection. That’s because you don’t know whether or not the ice you accept from ice factories is clean and hygienic. If the coffee tastes good, but the ice has no quality, melts too quickly or isn’t clean, your coffee won’t have the desired flavor, and customers who drink it won’t get they quality they want. So Makro HoReCa Academy is here to explain the benefits of having an ice machine.

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  • How does each type of ice affect beverages?
  • Why should a coffee shop have its own ice machine?
  • Techniques on how to choose a high-quality ice machine that’s right for you

How does each type of ice affect beverages?

  1. Cube ice

Hard, lumpy, cubic or half-cubic ice dissolves slowly. That’s because it has a high degree of condensation and can retain cold temperatures for a long time. As a result, it is suitable for beverages for which you do not want ice to harm their flavors such as cold coffee and various sweet beverages.

We recommend an ice machine imported from America which is popular worldwide for its high quality, durability and attractive and modern design. It can produce different types of ice such as full cubes and half cubes. Additionally, it has a system for preventing bacteria proliferation inside it, so it can protect ice from bacteria as well as grimes and germs that might develop in the ice making system. Click to see an actual machine

  1. Flake ice

Ice flakes or finely crushed ice is what we see when we buy at 7-Eleven. This type of ice is small and not very hard, so it’s easy to consume, making it suitable for sodas and sweet beverages. Additionally, it is suitable for making smoothies or shaved ice due to how easy it is to finely blend it.

We recommend an ice flake dispensing machine (you need to load ice into it, because the machine cannot make any by itself) for beverage and coffee shops to eliminate having to scoop any more ice. The machine is made from high-quality stainless, and the dispenser tank can hold up to 22 kilograms. The ice produced is crunchy ice flakes that are easy to eat while quickly providing coldness, making the ice suitable for consumption with sweet beverages and sodas and for use in refrigerating fresh foods, seafoods, meats and fruits and vegetables. Click to see an actual machine

  1. Semi-circle ice

This is popularly used in restaurants and beverage bars. In general, semi-circle ice is similar to cube ice, as it melts slowly. As a result, it is suitable for preparing beverages that need to retain their flavors for a long time. In any case, many stores and restaurants like to use this type of ice because of the benefit provided by its shape, which allows it to be loaded in large quantities into cups, thereby saving cost, as there will be less room for beverages.

  1. Spherical ice

Using ice spheres is suitable for expensive beverages with luxurious glasses and high-end places such as famous brandies. That’s because, in addition to its shape being suitable for use with a brandy glass, spherical ice also appears attractive and luxurious, so it helps to build at atmosphere and effectively enhances flavor for consumers.


Why should a coffee shop have its own ice machine?

  1. Cleanliness

We can produce clean ice, as we can control ice from having contaminants, and we can maintain the shop’s standards of hygiene, thereby increasing safety. This is because we don’t know whether or not ice delivered by ice factories is clean and up to standard.

We recommend a machine capable of producing small 2×1 cm cube ice with 212 kilowatts/24 hours of product capacity and 230 kg tank capacity. It has an ice production block coated with high-quality nickel, so it is resistant to corrosion from water and other factors. It also comes with a 3M, 0.5-micron water filter model HC350-SEC ICE-SYSTEM with 13,249 liters filtration capacity, for free!  Click to see an actual machine

Convenience and Speed

If you have an ice machine, you can make ice at any time. If your ice suddenly runs out, you can make more without having to waste time in calling the factory and having it deliver to you. Otherwise, you would have to wait for them to make their delivery. That’s a pointless waste of time, and customers might become dissatisfied if they have to wait a long time for their orders.

We recommend a small 2×2 cm cube ice machine manufactured in Italy with production capacity at 150 kilograms in 24 hours and 160 kilograms tank capacity. The ice is clear with no contaminants while being slow to dissolve and providing rapid cooling. Click to see a machine

2. Cost and Price

If you are ordering ice from a factory, try to calculate. A single sack of ice of about 20-25 kilograms has a starting price of 50-60 baht. If you order about 2 sacks every day, the ice will cost 100 baht. This means that you will have to pay about 3,000 baht every month just for ice. In a year, that’s 36,000 baht. That’s quite a lot of money. However, there’s another method. You can buy an ice machine at an affordable price. You can choose one that’s suitable for the size of your shop. If your shop is small, you should order a small ice machine. For example, there’s a brand capable of making small ice that costs just 29,000 baht. It can produce up to 55 kilograms of ice per day (2 and a half sacks). When you add that with the water and electricity costs, the ice will cost just 99.7 baht per day. Although the daily figure might not seem worthwhile, you’d be paying just a little over 35,000 baht in a year. That’s a way to cut cost at your shop, and you will then be able to spend your money on managing other issues. Moreover, you’d be producing safe ice whose standards you can fully control.

3.Flavor and quality

Your beverages will taste better if you use up-to-standard ice that doesn’t melt quickly, and your quality will be even better. However, if your beverages offer great and rich flavors, but the ice that you use is sub-standard, everything will be ruined because the flavors will be negatively impacted.

Techniques on how to choose a high-quality ice machine that’s right for you

  1. Production Capacity

First of all, consider what production capacity you need your ice machine to have. What amount do you need? Even though every machine can make the same ice, differences exist in terms of production capacity, quantity and time. Therefore, you should choose an ice machine that meets the requirements of your shop.

For a small shop, we recommend an ice machine with a production capacity of 55-60 kg/24 hr with a tank capacity of 30 kilograms and 1 year product warranty (machine only). The ice produced is clear, free from contaminants, and slow to melt while providing rapid cooling to deliver the highest level of effectiveness. Click to see an actual machine

If the coffee shop is large, we recommend a large cube ice machine imported from Italy. This machine has a production capacity of 300 kilowatts/24 hours, while the tank capacity is 232 kg. Its size (WxLxH) is 76.2 x 83 x 80 centimeters. The ice produced is clear, free from contaminants, and slow to melt while providing rapid cooling. Click to see an actual machine

2. Ice types

If you are opening a beverage shop, a café, or a restaurant, the ice that you use should be cube ice. After you pick the ice that you are going to use, you can find a machine that meets your requirements.

3. Maintenance

In addition to considering the production capabilities for each type of ice to meet your requirements, another thing that you need to consider is maintenance. This is because an ice machine is an electrical appliance, so it needs care, maintenance, and regular check-ups. Otherwise, you should pick an ice machine that is easy to maintain without a complicated usage method, which can retain the quality of your machine longer.

4. Design and Style

The last thing to consider when picking the right ice machine for you is the looks and appearance of the machine. This is especially true for people who are looking for an ice machine for use in restaurants and cafes. In choosing an ice machine, regardless of the type, the machine should have a style that you like. That’s because you will be able to improve the good image of your restaurant or shop when you put it in a location where customers can see it.

We recommend a self-contained cube-ice machine with a 28 kg tank capacity. It has a compact size and attractive shape, and the tank is made of stainless steel, a high-quality material. You can hide it under a counter seamlessly with the decorations of your shop. By relying on advanced technology from America, it can produce cube ice that is clear, clean, pure and slow to melt. It is easy to install and is built-in with an automatic cleaning system. In addition to having a long usage life, it can produce as much as 102 kg of ice per day. Click to see an actual machine 

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