Delicious as always, flavour stability with standard taste

Delicious as always, flavour stability with standard taste

Unstable flavour with no delicious taste as usual probably caused by the frequent change of restaurant cooks or chef with the different seasoning amount of ingredient, have become one of the restaurant problems. Consequences as instable flavour affecting customer satisfaction turned to damage the restaurant worst case scenario could be less number of customer and less income even though the taste of each dish would be specifically created.

These problems would be minimized, if the restaurant got the idea of “standard recipe”. what is it? And How-To create? We have asked “Ajan Phong, Phonganansiri Saengpraiwan”, Food specialist of Thailand Chef Association to advise restaurant entrepreneurs about how to make standard recipe for technique and tips for the best recipe to make every meal flavours stay the same with delicious taste.

Standard recipe makes stability of food flavours

You may have heard the word called Standard Operation Procedure or SOP which normally known as average recipe. So what it is exactly , How to do it and what benefit of it, Ajan Phong will be explaining for its details.

          Standard recipe is food prototype recipe of restaurant with the seasoning dressing or main sauce weighting its ingredients to be noted for each menu recipe with the possibility to cook every menu for boiled, stir fried, soup and spicy salad menu.

Just only one tablespoon of seasoning dressing or sauce in any menu will always stay the same flavour of deliciousness.

“Many hotels or restaurants got their own standard recipe which anyone could follow, for example Sap restaurant, a restaurant with Thai cooked to order, that I have advised also make its own standard recipe like only one tablespoon of basil stir fried sauce is already enough with blanching the cook to well done for 80% and stir frying then adding basil stir fried sauce, putting some basil leaves for more scent the taste will always stay delicious on every dishes!    

Technique to make standard recipe of boiled, stir fried, soup and spicy salad menu

The procedure to make standard recipe can be giving several sorts of sauce whether for boiled, stir fried, soup and spicy salad menu. Ajan Phong has giving basic technique as follows;

Boiled menu – standard recipe for Tom Yum Goong soup (Clear Soup) and spicy pork soup use ratio of 1:1 which is 1 unit of fish sauce and 1 unit of lemonade.

Stir fried menu – can be cooked for several sorts of stir fry sauce such as Pad Thai sauce mixing of fish sauce, tamarind juice, palm sugar. It can make in other menu like egg with tamarind sauce, shrimp with tamarind sauce, three flavoured deep-fried fish, fried fish with chili sauce or sour soup. For stir fried menu can simply be cooked as fried rice sauce using for fried vegetable menu as well as stir fried spicy sauce, basil stir fried sauce, spicy stir-fried curry pasted sauce or ready-to-cook sauce.

Soup menu – can be used in every kinds of soup, whether it will be red curry, Panang curry, Chu Chee or Massaman curry. Meat needs to be seasoned with many options like fish sauce, soy sauce before cooking with curry sauce and leave till it soak in it and then ready to be served.

Spicy dressing (spicy salad) menu must contain sourness, saltiness and sweetness. Controlling the taste of sourness of lemon which will vary in different seasons, summer will be less juice, strong sour and expensive, rainy season will be lot of juice, less sour and cheap. There are several types of chili that give better smell of meal like bird chili which can be used for a whole stalk, but it is expensive. Guinea pepper can’t compare with bird chili about its less spicy flavour, Chinda bird chili is used in the big amount for industrial process.

          Caution for seasoning dressing or main sauce is

  1. Saltiness should be minimized for 15%, for example normally basil stir fry sauce is made of 2 tablespoons of fish sauce, supposed 10 formula multiply 10 (20 tablespoons) putting in one by one with minimizing 15% of saltiness.
    2. Temperature of making sauce – with too excess heating may increase the saltiness of it.

Making standard recipe is not only required for measurement but also primarily needs to set up specification of ingredient and brand as daily usage due to the different taste of each brands. It is matter to select main products to be used as daily basis with the backup plan in case running out of first brand, which has similar flavour.

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  “Ready-to-Cook Seasoning sauce brand Aro of Makro has several varieties to use in many menu with the combination of main sauces to create new taste to further multiple menu. Sauce is a part of the combination as well as cooks experience. To use standard recipe wisely cooks must know how to use it precisely because perfect taste consisted of standard recipe as 70% and 30% of cooks experience.

Benefits of Standard Recipe

  1. Anyone can do it,if cooks were not available or quit at the moment, other people in restaurant kitchen can do it instead.
  2. Same standard of Flavour stability whether massive or minor quantity to cook
  3. Be able to control cost, due to the ingredient quantity controllation of standard recipe which will be the beneficial sales figure index as following. As seasoning dressing and main sauce can be preserved about 2 – 3 weeks. If its duration was beyond the limitation showed the fall of business.
  4. Good for launching branch, with the ability to control the taste of food ensures its stability standard of flavour.
  5.   Reduce the time of cooking,when everything is ready for cooking will short cut the time of process, customers don’t have to for that long for their meals.

Even though standard recipe has several upsides in it but it can not be used for every situation for cooking therefore to use this standard recipe should be concerned of caution as  following.

  1. Taste first, supposed that buying sauce from Makro cooks must taste which kind of sauce to cook for which meal. Moreover, they must understand the standard recipe to evaporate essential oil therefore they need additional ingredient like salad dressing by essential oil evaporation of lemonade as squeezing one slice of lemon, this is already enough.
  2. Standard recipe can make several dishes, If 1 bottle of sauce could only make one meal, this is wrong but it has to make several dishes, for example 1 Product : 10 Recipe – variable menu and so on.

And 3. Cooks are required for experiences and to know How-To pick up sauces, for the most certain and beneficial usage.

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