“Delicious taste and beautiful look” are not enough at this moment, it needs “Food Safety” to level up Delivery for good health and to meet international standard

Most of restaurant entrepreneurs give the important of taste as the top primary. But actually, there are other things that should kept in mind for running restaurant business reaching to success as international standard which is not less important than the taste of food. What is going to be? We asked ‘Chef Jaguar – Theerawee Disayachaipong ‘, specialist and restaurant advisor, Thailand Chefs Association to explain this matter to us.

“Most of us, Thai people, put the importance of taste as first priority. Nobody mostly talks about ‘food safety’. Thai people tend to pay more attention to delicious taste and beautiful look. But actually, if we were going to enter international market, food safety has to be the number one priority”. When it comes to this matter, people often like to argue that “If it was clean, but not tasty. Could it be sold out?” These words should not be used. It should be ‘quality’ food as I categorized into 4 dimensions”

Above additional 4 dimensions of taste in Food Delivery Quality that should be considered;

  1. Safety of package quality

Suitable food packing grade is one of important things food delivery entrepreneurs must follow

“first, packaging – there are diverse package nowadays which must be considered as food grade. That is safety to be food packing without any residues. Some plastic boxes are plastic for frozen food container or food with temperature of 40 celsius maximum, is for normal food temperature around 30 celsius. But some restaurants use them for hot containing, for example, thin transparent plastic box putting fried rice with a temperature of 50-70 celsius, which is not meant for that usage. That temperature is too hot for the food container. Many people have never looked at the temperature of the box can contain and never known that it could put in microwave or not. As we are used to curry in plastic package so far. Therefore, food delivery entrepreneurs must look back to their priority of food container – according to food grade quality and temperature containing.


  1. Consistency of food and package

Corrugated box helping ventilation and steam absorption is good example of choosing suitable package for food

“Simply saying that food and package putting together are matched, If the box is food grade and suitable for sort of food is completed. For example, ‘Pizza’, we can see that most pizza boxes are corrugated board that can contain heat and moisture absorption. if it’s put in plastic or other containers without the ability to ventilate the heat, it will cause steam that makes pizza crust soft and not both crispy and delicious. Or if fried chicken was in an unventilated container, it will turn out the same as well. In terms of the international market, packaging is put in priority of which one should be put for hot items and which one should be cold, which one should be put at different temperatures and to contain at which level.? The consistency of food with the packaging should be put together.

Deep to the details is present packaging with several types of them and upcoming innovation of them like box that absorb heat vapor. As we have ever noticed that plastic bag came with hot curry and next day it turned roasted or box of hot rice placing somewhere, and it turned roasted as well. The reason is that steam happened to adhere to the surface of the lid, when it’s distilled caused bacteria or microorganisms to grow. This makes food roasted easily. Nowadays, There are boxes that helps in this problem. Precise selection of package could reduce the risk for customer safety and create a good image of brand as well.”


  1. Food management process for delicious taste and beautiful look

Selecting suitable menu control time and process of delivery with delicious taste and beautiful look is the main key

“We should also have knowledge of the process to keep perfect look of food during the delivery of each package. For example, if I order fried vegetables for delivery, how long it takes or what we found on the way before arriving to customer place like the process of delivering to center, after the cook, for rider to pick up. Time of each process after receiving order – if it took quite of time, when stir-fried morning glory got to customer’s hand, it will turn black and that is unattractive. Main preposition is that we need to know our food well. Food that we chose to be delivery menu need to remain good looking when the customer receives it.

Because if it was opened up and it still looks good, this means that I have received 50 – 60 points which is halfway to success. We have to know our food very well and choose the one that we have a way to manage till it arrives to the hands of customer and still look pleasant with delicious taste as close as possible like dine-in experience”.

  1. No cause of problem to customer health

 “The most important quality is that it doesn’t cause any problems to customer health of dietary that they ordered from us. Food requires without germ, microorganisms and risk to accumulate the case of various carcinogens. In fact, the quality of food in these 4 areas are all interrelated with no acceptation of any missing pieces.

Scared that customers will not be able to accept? What should we do if quality packaging increasing the costs?

Presently, we still see many restaurants using the wrong type of packaging and unsuitable food besides they do not have knowledge or are aware of this matter. Or they just want to save costs and not make the prices too expensive due to fear losing customers possibly affecting sales figure. Chef Jaguar has mentioned this issue that;

“Actually, I think it’s more of the fear of entrepreneurs that if the price had been raised, customer could not accept. But I want to tell every restaurant that when you are going to sell by delivery service and that is very important in your business future. As long as you haven’t calculated your costs well which is the same issue with the calculation of costs including GP charge. Using good packaging can add additional cost as well. Generous Entrepreneurs may be not adding up the price and take responsibility on that matter himself. Definitely, we do not want that or know that customer health issue caused by the unproper usage of package or any kinds of risk. But honestly, delivery has its own cost.

Therefore, the entrepreneurs should dare to set the actual price based on fairness to consumers. Otherwise, entrepreneurs will hurt themselves with trying to find a solution by reducing product costs, improper packaging, product quality, number of staff – cause slow process of food delivery. These turn to be completely reducing everything and affect quality system to fade away. I think we have to both empower entrepreneurs and importance to customers by educating the consumers themselves if you eat everything that is food grade, As “You are what you eat” is the quality of the food to your health in a long time. ”

Tips for Food Delivery Management Elementary

  • Suitable food grade packaging – Frozen food is packed in frozen food container and hot food is packed in the hot one. The food that requires crispiness like fried food need ventilation or moisture absorption to maintain the crispness of the food.
  • Acknowledgement of diverse natures of food and of suitable food selection for delivery is the menu that we can mange till the process of handing it to customer with delicious taste and beautiful look with the concern of delivery time and process.
  • Separate frozen and hot food – Do not put cold and hot food in a same container. A food storage box of rider should clearly seperate cold and hot food.
  • Danger Zone is one of the important things to not be missed, when the cook is done, it should not be closed immediately due to its freshness and hot temperature because the heat will affect the taste and texture of the food moisture from water vapor that has evaporated and condensed into water droplets. It’s also an important factor to cause microbial and bacterial growth, making food unsafe and easily roasted. It should be left for a while, approximately 4-5 minutes for it to reduce the heat first and then closed the lid. This reduces the risk to the customer health safety with the extending the life of food.