How to do Branding through Food Packaging – leveraging value and difference for restaurant recognition

Normally when customer came for dining at restaurant, they would experience and recognize our restaurant by many factors within restaurant environment called ‘Touchpoint’ which is important to Branding. Customer were not only coming for the taste of food, but they expected to experience at our restaurant. In contrast of delivery order, these would be inevitably deteriorated. Did you know that we could give altogether the best experience of dining to customer and branding through delivery by the focus of packaging? As the specialist who would educate restaurant entrepreneurs about this topic is Khun Patompong Deepunya, CEO of Dezpax, a startup business which is a provider of packaging solutions directly for SMEs restaurant business.

“The customers who come for dining at the restaurant would emotionally experience what restaurants would like to communicate to them through branding of various elements within the restaurant, whether from the parking lot, entrance, logo, table color, atmosphere, decoration, hospitality and service from the staffs, and last quality and taste of food etc. It can be concluded of every componence of the restaurant but when it comes to Food Delivery, Which way of experience and branding will be sending to customers?”

“It could be said that there are multiple types of delivery entrepreneurs like big brand that is well-recognized from customers, but mainly they are SME business or Home Delivery without most recognition of many customers. When they ordered and finally received the products, what in front of their eyes is only packaging and food, therefore giving the importance to packaging is needed for Food Delivery.”

The sample that many people could have experienced with excellent taste cooked of restaurants, but they came to face problem of receiving food that spilt off the package. What mentioned could be a result of unsuitable packaging for food protection or uncertainty of risk during the delivery causing unsatisfying look for customers with spilt off from package. Even though the food was delicious, and they were not unpleasant to this experience, therefore first crucial priority of packaging is to protect the inside product for delivery perfectly until customer receive it and secondly comes to the matter of branding.

Packaging Is A Silent Salesman

 “Package is a silent salesman which internationally well-known that packaging works similarly to employee or to supporter of sales without a voice. Imagine that when we go to supermarket, which sometimes we get caught up in the packaging drawing our attention to that product, therefore packaging is a very good marketing communication tool as well. ”

Suitable packaging of food gives satisfying experience to customer with branding of restaurant recognition


Package = significant material to create branding and value

“We can not deny that food packaging is a heart of restaurant business, without the concern of taste and look what is should be focused is cleanliness, safety and standard of food box.”

“Each restaurant business needs to use a suitable packaging to each menu or his own restaurant. Packaging can be used to meet the need of customer or consumer very well. A concern of delivery is necessary because when customer receive it, they could sense the heedfulness and the quality of your food packaging.”

Imagine that same menu of mean which could be stir-fried basil, first meal is contained in foam box sold at the price of 40 baht in contrast of another one that contained in bowl of Food Grade with 2 layers, a lower contains rice and a upper one contain stir-fried basil separately. And it comes with a form of bowl with lid, this kind of packaging not only protect the food but also helps sustain its taste as indirect pouring of stir-fried basil on top of rice which can make and the rice watery and loose the taste before delivering to customer (or latter dining of customer).

In case of selection of this packaging function helps sustain the taste and the quality of taste with upgrading the price to 89 baht or approximately. It can be said that cost of packaging increasing a few percent, but the price can be value added to sale at the better price because customer would be willing to pay at the higher price for the exchange of Food Grade packaging and the better experience that worth to pay as latter to restaurant profit. This is the example of branding and value added with the selection of packaging to level up quality and value of food.

How to choose suitable package for food

The most important thing is to understand the sensitivity of sales product regarding to operating function for example, crispy fried foods which is sensitive with unventilated packaging. If the food was packaged while it’s still hit with no steam absorption or unventilated package, it could lessen the food crispiness and favorable taste before customer receiving or in case of unsealed packaging of soup, it could horribly spill off and so forth.

One thing is that understanding consumer behavior, like category of past order in the exception of ‘Journey’ of delivery to customer, shows behavior of dining as duration before consuming, whether immediate, latter or overnight. For example of clean food that customer often order 3 sets a day, set of 3 days, 5 days, or a whole week. Therefore, one necessary function of these clean foods is to be able to keep in the freezer and to enter the microwave, we must understand and regard the consumer behavior in perspective of packaging.

Tips of branding through packaging

In exclusive of numerous printing solution of logo sticker, packaging or brand printing, packaging was well designed to fined interest of discourse of brand story with channel links as described tips for entrepreneurs as follows.

  • Addition of Tagline or slogan to journey story of ingredients, well seasoning and other interest of brand or menu are on package, band, sticker or suitable marketing area on package
  • QR Code links with website, Line ID page or details of restaurant contacts

‘Oh Ka Ju’, a famous vegetable salad restaurant, is a brand that tells an interesting story about branding through packaging.

Packaging startup of Dezpax, solution provider for Food Delivery

More than 300,000 SME restaurants in Thailand, not only the big entrepreneurs normally proceed their packages with factory manufacturers and face problem due to the requirement of minimum order at large amount in return of cheaper price and sometimes they need to purchase several items.

Supposed that a coffee café should have iced coffee plastic cup, hot coffee mug, insulated coffee mug, straw, stirrer, cup carrier, carry out packaging pouch snack box etc., which will be sometimes ordered from many factories with a lot of stock items due to the need of lower cost. Unfortunately, huge number of orders sometimes can sink the value of cost to that stock as such dealing with many manufacturers can be complicated and wasting of time for entrepreneur. Dezpax has realized this such important pain point of SME restaurant entrepreneur, therefore designed the B2B E-commerce Platform to solve such problem directly to SME restaurant.

Dezpax, B2B E-commerce Platform, was designed for resolving problems directly to SME restaurant.


Advantages of Dezpax for SMEs restaurant entrepreneurs

  • Convenient and Easy process of order with precise goods categorizing and latter suitable design of package to different food businesses cover all applications.
  • No maximum number of orders to sink the cost profits in Cash Flow of restaurant for other important things of business without wasting stock placing enable to sell as factory price and to frequently buy at any time with free delivery.
  • One Stop Solution for SME restaurant helps saving cost and time besides being able to order various products from only one place providing printing service to branding with Journey design for the convenience and the simplicity. For example, preview system before submitting the order of packaging selection or price calculation available in online website, these help customers making the decision or even seeking for help, our professional team design are delightful to service.

such as when choosing the packaging, you will order logo printing. There is a system to show samples and calculate prices for customers to see on the website to help you decide or if you want to help you design, there is a team of professional designers to take care of the service.

  • Complete and Plenty Printing Solution are selected for design and price rate as desire, whether it is sticker, packaging or band printings, to instant calculate the price of each order.

Distribution channels of Dezpax

  • Facebook : Dezpax
  • LINE Official : @dezpax
  • Dezpax Packaging Solutions Design Studio at Makro – Sathorn, open daily to customers to stop by and check out the packaging selection idea including free hospitality service of advice from Dezpax staffs.

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