How to give bonus to workers for work motivation at the beginning of the upcoming year?

2021 will be the year that every restaurants-small, medium or big will put all energy เพื่อto use their sales figure back replacing the loss of past year with “workers functional part will be crucial to boost the sales and to make more profit to the restaurant. Therefore, the best concern matter which entrepreneur must not forget and prepare yearly plan is worker inspiration and power boosting. To put all energy and worth the effort is to motivate worker with bonus and other incentive diligence allowance.

No Bonus for 2020, cheer up with different way

Employee expectation of bonus even acknowledging of current situation of restaurant is better to not loose job like other workers in different business. But surely worker morale at the early beginning is important for sales boosting of the year as the impracticable bonus give away. The upcoming Chinese New Year is the chance to give them Ang Pao or red envelope. As the difference definition of both special occasional money, speaking of bonus is expected of salary percentage that worker will receive, but red envelope is based on personal satisfaction to give away, but it helps cheering up worker very well.

Early planning with easy KPI at beginning year

One mistake of SME restaurant entrepreneur when speaking of bonus is without early planning at the begin. Without planning makes the cause of not getting a bonus or profit loss to spend on bonus budget. This will not happen if there were bonus plan at early of the beginning year. Do not forget that worker need better progress and better income which they will not forever work at the same place. Many restaurants have lost good staffs due to overlook at this matter and self-determination of worker bonus of restaurant owner.  Hence giving a bonus needs to be determined from work performance or KPI standard without the usage of self-determination of the owner.

Basic way is to set up Job Description, main duty and minor duty to workers as different position of each to do what they need to do. Setting up work targets of each department and organization base on Job Description as KPI standard of workers in entire year. Do not measure only specific period as some workers have different level of experience showed on how diligent they are especially at the end of year. They will be stand out on KPI standard boosting and will cause notice to company regulations, some might be professional for what they do or perform well, but lack of responsibility of being present at work and mostly take the leave. This must be use for consideration with KPI standard including the attitude of working.

KPI is usage tool of bonus assessment to reduce unsatisfied workers with the data base, evidence and past work performance negotiation.

Example of job description

Position (Thai)             Waiter/waitress          Position (English)                    Service
Direct Supervisor        Captain Service           Department/Level      Operation/Operation level


  1. Zone and cleaning management of other and his own zones
  2. Customer hospitality, Customer service record and beverage menu, alcohol, beer and soda drink record
  3. Customer service such as food waste and empty dish collecting, soup filling, beer serving, alcohol mixing or dining service check
  4. Coordinating with captain and casher for bill correcting check
  5. Customer farewell, appreciation and retention
  6. Dining table clean for new customers
  7. Restaurant closure, table and zoning clean as well assigned
  8. Conversation to promote proper relationship with customer
  9. Other department assistance as suitable
  10. Completing supervisor assignment

Coordination with other departments

  1. Casher – bill check, money giving and return
  2. Beverage bar – beverage withdrawal, refreshing towels
  3. Captain – ask for assistance during problem with customer service

Daily basis details
Opening sales

  1. Prepare beverage service (cleaning and bottle collecting after sales), tissue paper on dining table and beverage label list
  2. Clean up central disposal (Available staff area outside) and zone up trashcans
  3. Prepare each responsible service zone completely with tissue paper, table number, water jar or soup kettle, stove coaster, beverage label or glass of water
  4. Get equipment ready

During sales

  1. Finish lunch before service at 14.30 PM
  2. Finish custom dressing up (worker dressing reference)
  3. Prepare zones and work shift before the upcoming day
  4. Customer hospitality and service

After sales

  1. Clean up zones
  2. Collect the box of tissue paper and beverage label
  3. Clean up every equipments
  4. Captain check of zones
  5. Clock out after 23.00 PM

Example list of work performance assessment 

Assessment form of Hospitality department

Score   Assessment Topic     Explanation, Demonstration, Practice, Follow-up   Strength and weakness

  • External personality and internal mind
  1. Proper dress-up and personality (company requirement)
  2. Mental stability with good emotional state or atmosphere
  3. Manner and friendliness to customer (gentle, bowing, Smiling)
  • Functional process (customer hospitality)
  1. Greetings with Hello or Welcome
  2. Friendly interrogation “How many people are you?” (better atmosphere for walk-in customer without reservation)
  3. Open the door for customer “May I open the door for you Sir/Ma’am?”

Total score                  Assessee                      Assessor                      Date of assessment    

Explanation: Deduction of 1 thing with 1 point, maximum 5 points as total of 100 scores

Incentive tools to drive sales during the month

One of the tools to inspire workers for sales figure increasing is Incentives, special income with the conditions given by company or by entrepreneur. This tool is used to promote sales figure by inspiring workers to boost the sales. Without impractical usage or uninspiring incentive terms, the result will never follow.

Incentive set up for sales promotion and worker satisfaction

1.Individual Incentives (employee) : To be used for hard-to-sell thing which is expensive, but comes with high profit

Example  : Any workers could sell big set of Sasimi costed 1,200 baht get 50 baht/set

Or New Year hamburger set costed 800 baht get 30 baht/set

2.Individual Incentives (restaurant manager/ head cooks) : To control capital or to increase number of sales

Restaurant Manager – set up weekly sales target by estimating 100,000 baht/week as his responsibility

Example : Set up sales target as 110,000 baht/week, hypothesis accomplishing get 2,000 baht/week with the full energy to pursue the target

Head Cooks – set up cost controllation of gas, water, ingredient, chemical liquid or cleaning tools

Example : Assumption of food capital fund at 37%, the target of head cooks is to control to remain 35% and get 3,000 baht in return

Precaution of food capital fund controllation must base on practical reality without damaging food quality


3.Group Incentives : Easy way, not biased and team building for well recommended any menu at any price with low cost, easy and fast to cook

Example : Activity name – “January Price-hunt”

Detail of this January, sell MangoSoda (89 baht) and complete 200 glasses get incentives of 2,000 baht/restaurant in return

Complete 350 glasses get incentives of 4,000 baht/restaurant

Complete 500 glasses get incentives of 6,000 baht/restaurant

Incentives should be based on self-compassion for workers for what they feel to do or satisfy to receive. With activity result minus with previous incentive payment of remaining profit whether will be satisfied or not.

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