Improved Sanitation, Increased Confidence: New Normal Equipment Restaurants Must Have!

Despite the easing of measures to allow restaurants to provide dine-in services, restaurants are still required to practice social distancing, follow disease control measures to reduce the chance of spread of Covid-19 and have protective equipment to reduce the chance of spread from contact or being in close proximity to customers who come in to use their services.

As a result, protective equipment is a necessity for restaurants. Whether the customers sit alone, sit in groups or buy food to take home, restaurant employees are still required to communicate with them. Choosing the right kind of equipment for the restaurant and each position in the restaurant is something restaurant owners have to consider. In addition, it also increases consumer confidence.

Reduce Contact with Step-on Alcohol Gel Stands:

Apart from using alcohol gel for disinfection, alcohol gel stations are some of the most contacted surface because they’re used by everyone before entering the restaurant. Some restaurants use the method of having an employee give customers a squirt of alcohol, but that means they’re out one employee. Therefore, if restaurants install step-on alcohol gel stands, contact with hands would be greatly reduced. It’s also safe to use when eating and builds more confidence for customers.

Step-on alcohol gel stands can be adjusted for the right height and have an adjustable slot that can handle a many sizes of alcohol gel bottles. They are made of durable steel and Grade A+ stands are spray-painted using a special method that prevents chipping of paint and reduces rusting. They are light and conveniently portable. Whether or not Covid-19 will disappear, maintaining hygiene before eating or cooking is important and restaurants always have to practice it.

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Partitions Are Still Necessary for Consumer Confidence:

 Although the easing of measures allows group seating arrangements of 4 – 6 people, if a customer came alone or with a guest, due to the new normal, there’s a partition between each table. This can still be used to build consumer confidence.

Rectangular PVC partitions build confidence for single customers. They can protect them from the front as well as the left and right sides.

3-panel wood partitions for single customers can protect them on all sides and if your restaurant has large tables that can accommodate groups, choose partitions that can be conveniently moved and folded for storage. This makes servicing groups of customers easy. Employees can simply lift, fold and keep the partitions immediately.

2-panel wood partitions can provide more protection for customers that come with a guest. They could sit together and talk and still be protected from the table next to theirs. Moreover, in choosing the type of partition, you should consider materials that are heat-resistant and able to be cleaned easily and frequently because you have to clean them after the end of every use by a customer. Hence, partition material is another aspect that should be considered for value and long useful life.

Increase Safety for Counter Employees with Partitions:  

In terms of counters for taking orders and making payments in self-service restaurants, partitions for added safety for employees who have to communicate with customers all the time are also necessary. You could choose partitions with a slot at the bottom for convenience in taking orders and accepting payments.

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In choosing partitions for your restaurant, on 10 May 2020, Dr. Thanarak Phliphat, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Disease Control, recommended that tables should have partitions on the sides, too, because it would result in the most benefits. The partitions should be taller than customers’ heads when sitting or standing and they should be at least 1.5 meters away from the customers at the front and back.

Double Protection with Face Shields:  

Other than making it mandatory for every employee to wear a cloth or surgical mask, you can also reassure customers even more by adding a second layer of protection by having employees wear face shields while working. Employees who wear glasses can also wear a face shield over them conveniently. Face shields for employees can be worn repeatedly, but they have to be their own personal equipment and should be cleaned during the day to reduce risks, so you should choose face shields made from durable materials to make them last longer.

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Although the government has eased some of its lockdown restrictions or after the lockdown has been lifted, what will remain are the changes in lifestyle. Cautiousness about diseases and attention to cleanliness have become the new normal and will be part of everyone from now on. Consumer behavior desires confidence in the safety of eating out. They will only use the services of restaurants and employees they’re sure are clean and safe. Thus, providing alcohol stations and face shields for employees and following disease control measures to build consumer confidence and show social responsibility will always be essential for restaurants.

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