No Motivation to run the restaurant – How to keep it going

No motivation to run business – slow business or no profit

Firstly, ask yourself that Why did we lose the motivation to keep up out business? Causes of losing the motivation is considered to mainly be slow business or no profit to keep up your business. The more you sell the more discouraged you are because of constantly capital spare on loss and insult to injury by surrounding people. If those 2 points are the cause, consciously look what we have missed.

Certain point that we must know is breakeven point especially in the matter of restaurant capital structure. As it is considered to be necessary acknowledgement of entrepreneur, when we know the breakeven point, we will know the primary condition of business which way we should do for sales resolution.  Without this acknowledgement makes the difficulty to continue the business. Many entrepreneurs missed this necessary point which later caused a lot of problems to slow business and discouraged them to stop.

After acknowledging breakeven point, we will know the condition of the restaurant.  No need to be discourage even the sales is far from breakeven point because we know how to fix from knowing current business condition. Firstly start to reach its sales to breakeven point with any ideas that came to mind, stepping stone on each point correction with certain path of resolution. Set up Project Sale for daily basis expectation to form Action Plan. See? Every cloud has a silver lining.

To accomplish expectation of Project Sale needs cooperation from every single teams from every part of the business to plan daily basis on which menu will be daily recommended and how to be sold.   Employee motivation is reqiured in work performance of what they will get as result. A tool called Incentive helps encouraging workers to generate sales, more sales – more special remuneration they will get.

Marketing is required to be scrutinized what we have done, who have recognize our business. How much importance of marketing that we have giving? If the answer is No, it never be too late to give it a shot especially social media marketing including influencer review or blockers with proper budget. Don’t forget delivery service to promote your sales as one of opportunity channels. These are primary technique to generate restaurant sales figure to reach breakeven point and later do profit planning.

Find inspiration from successful restaurant

            One recommended technique for people with no motivation is to bring yourself out of restaurant, out of every problems for sometimes and look at other small, middle or large enterprises of what they do. To find inspiration from restaurants that never give up till they received satisfying sales figure, regular customers and remaining profit. Get yourself a chance to talk to their owners or follow them on social media for their stories as your own encouragement. According to many cases who started from zero and never gave up till they got through every problems to success. These examples are the good motivation and ideas to be applied.


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Being stuck in a problem will never solve anything only exhausting and discouraged, better step out and look at other problems before looking at our restaurant for different perspectives. 

More knowledge makes the right step   

Even we know the problem but don’t know how to solve, there is way to keep so that knowledge is essential that entrepreneurs must have. With the tool of knowledge will help solving any problems as such there are plenty of business management for restaurant to learn in the present.

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Stop forcing if it’s the end   

            At last if we have done our best or found that sales opportunity to reach breakeven point is difficulty for this restaurant at this state, giving up could be the best idea to avoid more loss. Before reaching to that state we recommend you to scrutinize and follow above instruction first.

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