You Can Forget That Duck Was Ever Difficult! Easy, Clean and More Convenient Duck Dishes with Frozen Duck

Other than pork, chicken and beef, one of Thai people’s favorite meats is duck, a bird with chewy and tender meat that can be made into several dishes such as Peking duck from Chinese cuisine, duck confit from French cuisine or Thai-style duck larb. The whole duck, mouth, meat, feet and giblets can be eaten and duck is popular with customers. In addition, restaurants can sell duck dishes for a good price.

Dishes using duck as an ingredient tend to use Cherry Valley ducks because of their big size. Duck dishes are usually served in high-end restaurants, Chinese restaurants or restaurants that serve only duck. Duck can be made into many dishes, but the preparation is rather complicated. Since the meat is chewy and tough, duck takes a long time to prepare.

Technique for Reducing Odor in Duck Meat

Step 1: Clean the duck with water.
Step 2: Rub the entire duck with lime juice or vinegar; set aside for a little while.
Step 3: Use tissue paper to absorb the lime juice or vinegar from the entire duck, then rinse the duck again with water.

Frozen Duck is Easier, More Convenient and Worth Your Money

Therefore, it is convenient for restaurants to buy cleaned frozen duck parts that are ready to be cooked right away. More importantly, they can buy just the parts they need to control their ingredient costs. As for which parts to buy, that depends on the dishes the restaurants want to offer customers.

Frozen duck meat is suitable for stir-fry dishes such as kaphrao pet and larb pet. Short order restaurants or Isan restaurants can buy frozen duck conveniently at Makro Click, click.

Frozen duck with the giblets removed is perfect for dishes that need whole duck such as roasted duck, duck phalo, stewed duck noodles, phalo duck stir-fried with salt and duck soup with pickled lime. Thai-Chinese restaurants, noodle shops and single-dish restaurants can also use frozen duck with the giblets removed.

You can buy frozen duck with the giblets removed conveniently at Makro Click, click.

Frozen duck feet are suitable for soups, so the duck feet become more tender and easier to eat. Example dishes include duck tom saep, duck feet phalo and duck feet stew with shiitake mushroom or they can be made into dim sum.

Tips for Boiling to Make Duck Feet Tender Faster

It usually takes about 2 – 3 hours or more to boil duck feet until they’re tender. You can put a stainless-steel spoon you have in your kitchen into the pot and boil it with the feet. Stainless steel is a good conductor of heat. It will help distribute heat thoroughly in the pot and help make the duck feet tender more quickly. If you have to boil a lot of feet, you can put 2 – 3 spoons or more in there.

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Frozen duck mouth is suitable for making fried duck mouths, Isan restaurants and bars & restaurants. You can buy and use them immediately.

Tips for Making Fried Duck Mouths

  1. The secret to cleaning duck mouth is essential for fried duck mouth’s deliciousness. We recommend using soda to wash the mouths since soda can remove the odor of the duck head.
  2. Another tip is for frying. Use hot oil. Set the heat to low-medium and fry until the inside is cooked.
  3. Marinate the ingredients 30 minutes in advance for the flavor to be absorbed in the meat to achieve the desired flavor.

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Feel Confident with Certified Standard Quality Frozen Duck

When buying frozen duck products, you should choose products with standard and certification from the farming to the transportation processes.
– The farm should use a closed system, to control and prevent disease, under the standard control of the Department of Livestock Development.
– The production of chilled and frozen duck meat should have GMP and HACCP certifications from the Department of Livestock Development.
– The products should contain HALAN certification to build consumer confidence.
– The products must be stored and transported in a temperature of under -18 degrees Celsius and sunlight should be avoided.


Aro frozen duck products are produced with standard and certification every step of the way. Restaurateurs can buy and use any part they need.

Duck Has Many Benefits

Furthermore, duck meat has many benefits and nutrients for the body. The main nutrients contained in duck meat include protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, potassium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. The benefits of duck meat include the following:

  • The meat is rich in Vitamin C, which plays a part in the body’s metabolism, heling to stimulate the creation of energy.
  • Relieves symptoms of cold hands and feet.
  • Aids in the skin metabolism process and eliminates exhaustion.
  • Vitamin A improves eyesight and prevents colds.
  • Vitamin B relieves anxiety and calms the mind.
  • Potassium stimulates the elimination of sodium from the body and is beneficial to hypertension patients.
  • Iron prevents anemia.
  • Zinc helps reproductive organs function normally.

If your restaurant wants to add a new duck dish to your menu, you can buy duck products from Aro. They are clean and don’t require overly complicated preparation processes. Just tear open the package, thaw the meat and then you can start cooking immediately.

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