Dishes for Creating Jobs Sticky Rice with Fried Pork/Fried Chicken Free Tips on Ingredients, Equipment and Cost Calculation

Jul 03, 2021
You better believe it. Selling just “sticky rice with fried pork/fried chicken” can generate considerable income! Especially if you sprinkle on some fried garlic for crunchiness and add pla ra dip (fermented fish sauce) to complete the set, who could resist? It’s another popular menu item for new restaurateurs that’s easy to sell and pays back fast. It’s another profitable job that MHA doesn’t want you to miss. We’re not kidding. We’re here to make you a business owner! If you’re ready, check out the ingredients and equipment and calculate the cost per serving.


List of Recommended Ingredients for Sticky Rice with Fried Pork/Fried Chicken 

List of Recommended Ingredients

1 Tubtim Palm Oil
2 Savepak Tempura Flour
3 McGarrett Baking Soda
4 Healthy Boy Seasoning Sauce
5 Healthy Boy White Soy Sauce Formula 1
6 Healthy Boy Thick Oyster Sauce
7 Savepak Sea Salt
8 Mitr Phol Pure Refined Sugar
9 Aro Pork Flavor Seasoning Powder
10 Aro Chicken Flavor Seasoning Powder
11 Tubtim Soybean Oil
12 Aro Khiao Ngu White Glutinous Rice
13 Thai Garlic
14 Boiled Pla Ra Liquid
15 Shallots with the Ends Cut Off

List of Recommended Ingredients

16 White Pepper Powder, 250 g
17 Pork Rump
18 Pork Belly
19 Chicken Trimmings
20 Chicken Upper Wings
21 Green Chinda Chili
22 Red Chinda Chili
23 Sida Tomatoes

List of Recommended Equipment for Sticky Rice with Fried Pork/Fried Chicken

List of Recommended Equipment

1 NEONOCK Standard Small Push Cart with a Roof Size 115x55x200 cm
2 Rectangular Tray with a Rack Size 50x35x2 cm
3 Crocodile Aluminum Tray Size 34x48 cm
4 Aro Indian Ladle
5 Rocket Medium Stainless-Steel Spatula with a Wooden Handle
6 Seagull 20-cm Frying Strainer with a Wooden Handle
7 Color Kit 20-in 2-Handle Aluminum Wok
8 Aro 16-in Vinyl Tongs
9 Rocket 30-cm Mixing Bowl
10 SJS-008 Plastic Measuring Cup Set
11 SJS-008 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set
12 Hi-Speed “Protech” #KB5 Gas Cooker
13 Tall Round Gas Stove Stand
14 Aro 8-in All-Purpose Scissors
15 Seagull 8-in Pro Chef Knife 

List of Recommended Equipment

16 Large Cutting Board Size 24.5x40.5x1.5 cm Model CB219
17 A. Rotrung 9-in Wooden Mortar
18 A. Rotrung 12-in Redwood Pestle
19 Aro 18-cm Indian Pan
20 Seagull Chinese Spoons
21 Round 15-L Cooler
22 1 NT Sticky Rice Steamer
23 NT 24-cm Laos Steaming Pot
24 Aro 110x90-cm White Thin Cloth
25 Aro Melamine Ladle
26 White Plastic 1-kg Scale 
27 Sunford Stainless Steel Digital Scale 5kg #FEH5000
28 Aro Hot Bag Size 5x8 in
29 Aro Hot Bag Size 4.5x7 in
30 Aro PET Sauce Cups with Lids 2oz x 100 pcs
31 Aro Green Recycled Handle Bags Size 6x11 in

However, if you want to learn each step for the following in detail:

●       Basic measuring and weighing equipment you need to know.
●       All about oil for frying.
●       How to make fried pork and fried chicken that’s thoroughly cooked and not too dry and tough.
●       How to select and steam sticky rice.
●       How to make pla ra dip.
●       How to arrange the dish for serving sticky rice with fried pork/fried chicken and pla ra dip and how to calculate the cost.

We recommend our free online course, Sticky Rice with Fried Pork/Fried Chicken; Million-Baht Recipe with a Super Tasty Pla Ra Dip, taught by Chef Yanat “Oh” Maartlert, chef instructor from MSC Thai Culinary School, member of the Thailand Chefs Association’s Subcommittee and an expert in Thai cuisine with over 10 years of experience! Sign up and learn for free by clicking the top right corner:

In addition, there’s an example on how to calculate the cost of 1 serving of fried chicken in our “Sticky Rice with Fried Pork/Fried Chicken; Million-Baht Recipe with a Super Tasty Pla Ra Dip” course, If you want to take a look at the table for calculating the costs of fried pork using pork rump or belly, fried chicken using chicken trimmings or upper wings, pla ra dip and steamed sticky rice, so you can know the correct cost andset the right price, so you don’t lose money, you can check it out in the course by logging in > clicking Chapter 1 > downloading the file for the table of costs under the clip,

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