Want customers in the neighborhood? This is a share of how to shoot accurate Facebook advertisements to customers and boost local sales.

Aug 13, 2021
You’ve just opened a new restaurant, or your restaurant has been open for a while but you have few restaurant front and delivery customers. Is it because no one knows you? Today, MHA will introduce you to sending Facebook advertisements by focusing using “Reach” advertisement techniques on neighborhood customers or advertisements that focus on reaching target groups.

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Why Do You Have to Send Reach Advertisements?

Because sending reach advertisements will increase the number of people who see advertisements, sending reach advertisements allows you to set the frequency of views by the target group and advertisement costs are not expensive when compared to other types of advertisements. Think about when you hand out flyers to promote your restaurant. We usually hand out flyers within a radius where customers can travel to the restaurant conveniently or order deliveries within a short distance.

Reach advertisement is the same. Reach advertisement does not focus on sales and focuses on building awareness for customers to know our restaurant without focusing on promotions and boosting sales. Therefore, sending reach advertisements is good for restaurants that are newly opened or not well-known.

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How to Send Reach Advertisements
-  Go to the Ad Manager of the restaurant page. Press “Create” to create your advertisement.
-  In the window for selecting objectives, you can see “Reach”. Then press “Continue” to go to the page for creating advertisements.

- Name your advertisement campaign, then look at “Budget”. You can choose to set a daily budget or a lifetime budget before setting a brief budget (Initially, you are advised to try daily advertisements for seven days to see results). Then press “Next”. 

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- Name your “Ad Set”. Then set the start and end dates for the advertisement (You are advised to try setting advertisements for seven days to see the results.

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- In the “Audience” window, if you never made customers, you can try to create new customers by designating locations by pinning customer locations as close to your restaurant as possible. For example, if your restaurant is in a small alley/lane (soi), search the name of that soi and move to be as close to the restaurant as possible before placing the pin at the restaurant. For how to pin your restaurant as accurately as possible, study more at => https://bit.ly/2WBkLJh.

- After pinning your restaurant, you’ll be able to view the radius around it. Set the value to be 5 km from the pin. The reason for setting the pin at 5 kilometers is because this distance is appropriate for traveling to buy something or eat at the restaurant at no more than a 30-minute trip, particularly in Bangkok or a major city with congested traffic. If it’s too far away, customers will not want to travel and food deliveries from the restaurant to customers who are no more than five kilometers away will take no more than 30 minutes with low delivery fees. So, customers within a 5-kilometer radius are the most likely to buy.

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- After pinning, don’t forget to set age, gender and characteristics to match the specified target group of the restaurant. As for other details, you can skip by having Facebook choose for you automatically.
- Set the language to Thai and English because most people in Thailand use Facebook in the Thai and English languages.

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- For placement or positioning of the advertisement, you can choose “Automatic”. In this area, Facebook will help manage advertisement placements for you.

- Then try to move to the bottom to “Show More Options”. Click and the Frequency Cap or frequency of advertisement views by the target group will appear, which is normally set once in seven days. You can try setting the frequency to 1-2 times in seven days at first. Then click “Next”.

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- Name your advertisements to know which advertisements are working or completed when you follow-up on results.

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- When there is already an interesting post on the page, click “Use Existing Post” in “Ad Setup” before clicking “Select Post” in “Ad Creative” to select old posts and send advertisements. Select posts with attractive and appetizing menu items or post photo albums with recommended or the most popular menu items in interesting restaurants. There should be interesting keywords identifying the restaurant, restaurant location, special features or whatever attracts customer views the most on the feed.

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- If you are going to create a new post, select “Create Ad” in “Ad Setup. Then select photographs or video clips on the page to create an advertisement. Recommendation: Before creating an advertisement post, try studying how to make Facebook advertisements for good sales at => https://bit.ly/3lj3HCh.

-   Check the placement at the side, which will be an example of your advertisement of the Facebook pages of the target group within the specified radius that will have characteristics consistent with your properties. Then press “Publish” to start running the advertisement.
-    After sending your advertisement, don’t forget to check your reach count at 1-2 days after sending to see results. Once the reach count is satisfactory, shut the advertisement down to avoid additional costs.

Repeat: When sending “reach” advertisements, the focus is on seeing your post on the target group’s “Feed” page. Therefore, results are measured based on the “Reach” count at the end of the advertisement period. This type of advertisement is not directly aimed at boosting sales. After sending advertisements, you should motivate customers to use your services by creating interesting promotions and regularly introducing your restaurant’s content.

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