You Want to Open a Certain Kind of Restaurant, But Do the Locals Want to Dine There?

Aug 22, 2021
It’s not wrong for us to want to sell the food we want or food we’ve skillfully cooked well to other people.
But don’t forget to question whether or not the food you’re selling is suitable for or consistent with the needs of the people living in the area.
Don’t just think good food can sell anywhere. Today, we’ll show you some ways to open a restaurant that captivates your customers and make them want to get in line to order!

1. Learn to Observe and Ask QuestionsThis is easy and takes no money. All you need to do is observe the people living in and around the area where you’re selling. Find out what the main occupations are such as office employees, students and laborers, and determine the traffic. These pieces of information can be analyzed to give you an idea of the incomes of your customers. Because income impact consumer behaviors, check and see whether your customers’ incomes are consistent with the prices and foods you’re selling. And don’t forget to ask merchants in the neighborhood for information. You could support their business a little.
Then you could invite them to talk about useful information such as when the good selling hours are, when office employees leave work, whether or not there’s a lot of traffic, even the time periods when there’s nobody passing by. For example, some restaurants are opened close to universities and get little business and lose sales during breaks between semesters. When you’re asking questions, however, do so when there are few customers around so that you won’t disturb the merchants and they will be able to fully answer your questions. Your courage in asking questions will save you time in finding out customer information, and you can use the information that you get to improve your restaurant and always open your restaurant, and the restaurant that opens first always gets the advantage.

2.Close Eye on Your Competition
Investing money by visiting the business of your competitors will give you the advantage. Do you want to know what the people in the neighborhood enjoy eating? Try the recommended or popular menus of your competitors. Doing so will help us know what customers want. That’s because popular menus, in addition to being tasty, are frequently ordered by customers. Observe competitors’ strengths and weaknesses such as decorations, serving time, the smiles of employees taking orders, cleanliness, whether or not food prices are appropriate for flavor, etc. All of these things will allow us to improve our restaurant or make it even better. If we don’t have the budget to buy from every restaurant nearby, we can just watch them from outside, for example, to see whether or not restaurant signs and storefront menu signs could attract customers.

3. Customers Turn Away from the Same Old Dishes
If you sell the same food as other famous restaurants in the area, it will be difficult for you to attract customers. If the food in the other restaurants don’t taste good, are too expensive or have other problems that help us surpass our competitors, then that’s all right. But if the other restaurants offer good tastes, cleanliness and affordable prices or are customers’ favorites, then it will be very difficult to turn a profit by selling the same dishes. And don’t buy low-quality ingredients to sell cheap food as a way to draw in customers. Doing that won’t keep customers with you for long. Instead, try selling unique dishes. If you still insist on selling the same dishes as others, you have to thoroughly analyze your competitors and see if you have any chance of attracting customers. In any case, put some ideas into your food. Create your menu items and differentiate them, and don’t forget to pay attention to the quality of ingredients and food in each plate. That’s because customers can judge your restaurant based on just a single plate. Moreover, the entire restaurant, including the kitchen and the front of the restaurant, have to be clean, and services need to be offered respectfully to customers to create a good impression. If you can do all of that, your customers will notice your attentiveness, revisit and accept your new restaurant as one inside their hearts.

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