Dishes for Creating Jobs: Donburi Delivery; Free Tips on Ingredients, Equipment and Cost Calculation

Jul 03, 2021
Donburi, aka “Japanese-style short-order dish”, is another dish that meets people’s needs during the lockdown for restaurants that want a delivery dish because it’s easy to add value to donburi by relying on the Japanese food fever that never really lost its popularity in Thailand. If you create outstanding points like “topping overload” to increase profit, it’ll make people want to order it even more.

Let’s look at five kinds of donburi, namely, seabass with black pepper over rice, seabass with tamarind sauce over garlic fried rice, salmon with teriyaki sauce over rice, shrimp tempura over rice and pork stir-fried with kimchi over rice, that you can make and serve like a pro.  You can also have a look at the list of recommended ingredients and equipment for new restaurateurs as well as cost per serving.


List of Recommended Ingredients for Donburi Delivery

1. Q Fresh Frozen Raw Breaded Head-on Shrimp
2. Q Fresh Frozen Salmon Sliced Skin-on
3. Q Fresh Frozen Seabass Marinade Black Pepper Seasoning
4. Q Fresh Frozen Seabass Sliced Skin-on with Tamarind Sauce
5. Aro Frozen Pork Belly Sliced
6. Aro Wakame Seaweed
7. Aro Tamakoyaki
8. Aro Frozen Wasabi
9. White Sesame
10. Red Pickled Ginger
11. White Sesame
12. Aro Sasanishiki Japanese Rice
13. Aro Teriyaki Sauce
14. Aro Tongkatsu Sauce
15. Aro Shoyu Sauce
16. Aro Dashi Soup Stock
17. Aro Yakiniku Sauce
18. Aro Wakame Seaweed
19. Taberu Seaweed Strips 
21. Tubtim Palm Oil
22. Tubtim Soybean Oil

List of Recommended Equipment for Donburi Delivery
1. Houseworth Hot Plate 1 Head #Hw-Hp01
2. Seagull 24-cm Gladiator 4DX Pan with a Handle
3. Seagull New Enjoy Turner
4. Sharp Rice Cooker #KSH-D55 5L
5. Aro Melamine Ladle
6. Seagull 8-in Pro Chef Knife
7. Large Cutting Board Size 24.5x40.5x1.5 cm #CB219
8. Crocodile Aluminum Tray Size 34x48 cm
9. Aro 16-in Vinyl Tongs
10. Poplock 2200-ml Food Saver Box
11. SJS-008 Plastic Measuring Cup Set
12. SJS-005 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set
13. Stainless Steel Digital Scale 5kg #FEH5000
14. Aro Kraft Bowl with Lid 700 ml x 50 Sets
15. Aro Spoon & Fork, Napkins, Toothpicks x 50 Sets

Cost Per Serving

In addition, there’s a free example on how to calculate the cost of salmon teriyaki over rice. Let’s check it out!
Salmon Teriyaki over Rice
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