Satisfying Uncover “best-selling” strategic style on food application of Robinhood with no GP charge for small business

Jul 12, 2021
Only a quarter after Thai plateform of Food Delivery of ‘Robinhood’ launching the delivery application originally happened from CSR project of Siam Commercial Bank is growing every single day. Presently, number of user reached above 700,000 explicitly shows its significant unique differently to other applications in market. 

Khun Toon-Sutiraphan Sakruawat, Executive Vice President and Marketing Executive of Siam Commercial Bank played a key role of Robinhood development since day one has pointed out the different of Robinhood including insight story with suggestion of how to do delivery marketing that would be the best benefit for entreneurs.

Thai Food Delivery Application for Small Business

“The beginning of ‘Robinhood’ came from idea of Mr. Athit Nanthawitthaya, CEO of Thai Panit Bank, during Covid-19 lockdown last year which everyone had to work from home and ordered food through various applications. Khun Athit questioned himself why there is no Thai delivery apps and felt possibility of Siam Commercial Bank to do this. First preposition was no request of GP charge (Gross Profit = restaurant commission to pay for food delivery application) because of sympathy to small restaurants with collecting GP charge of foreign applications. ”

“It took several months to develop. We launched Robinhood at the end of October 2020. The business has daily been growing. Number of users reached more than 700,000 until now within only 4 months. Presently, at least 13,000 orders from 66,000 restaurants only in Bangkok has come to it. We have planned in the future to engage with other prominent cities such as Chonburi, Chiangmai Mai and Khon Kaen. ”

Asking about the difference of Robinhood with other apps, we have found several things, but the most standout point is that Robinhood was designed as platform for small business and small entrepreneur”. 

Different and uniqueness of Robinhood

●       Free charge of Gross Profit (GP) of platform usage – helps every entrepreneurs access to delivery service

●       Cashless Platform – clear the use of cash within an hour with this advance technology, when many restaurants spend 24 hours or many days to save money into account. But strength point gave  Robinhood advantage to come up with solution that SCB had provided for entrepreneurs on fast clearing money to make the business cash flow in process as well as rider.

●       Support of Delivery cost during Off Peak help improving sales growth as period of early noon or evening called Peak Hour which seem to be good  period of sales. This upholds maximizing sales growth during low demand period by subsidizing delivery cost. Cost reduction helps customers consideration easily in ordering and rider receives full revenue from delivery.

●      Feature service called LS (Logistic Subsidy) – no need to pay for GP charge, more opportunities are giving to restaurant to promote discount to customers itself. With available selection of discount of 3 , 5  , 8 , 10 , 15 or 20 percent as a part from not giving to platfrom boosting its sales growth.

●       Service of supporting team – small entrepreneurs especially for some who lack of techonological knowledge, face challenge of access to opportunity and delivery market. As then, Robinhood provides supporting team to help them. Simply just walk to Siam Commercial Bank and ask stuff to assist for this service, whether it will be service registration or assistance of picture importing including editing to the best caption idea.

●       Marketing Team of specialist to support for sales growth through marketing via app using Dynamic Delivery Data helps process of analysis and maximizes number of customer order, for example conducting restaurant  content and playlist on various topics help promoting sales growth of different businesses in food industry.

Frequent playlist and content are formulated to help increasing sales figure on both official page and platform.

Uncover Delivery marketing strategic style of Robinhood

1. The best cover like the look of the owner

“Entrepreneurs should pay attention to food photography as the first important thing that will attract customers whether to look at or to order. Without picture to attract them could make your restaurant miss the opportunity to boost up sales growth as ther are plenty of restaurant as their options. Restaurant with presentation of interesting pictures comes with more opportunity for its sales growth, importantly picture must be matched as the unofficial promist between restaurant and customers.”

 2. Restaurant promotion through group online


“Posting restaurant info in online group on Social Media is a technique that most people don’t expect, but have to admit  ‘it work effectively!’ because most people rather believe existing individual in online community Presently, there are diverse groups of food category and different styles of restaurant such as croissant group, salmon group, Japanese food group, Chinese food group, cafe group and so on. It can be said that this community covered all types of food. We can promote restaurant by posting on theser groups with special discount for who getting from these groups can create incentives and boost up sales growth as additional way.


3. Price setting strategy - ‘Secret Illusion Camouflage’’

“‘‘Ugly Brother’ technique was internationally called as one of the price setting techniques for increasing sales growth, for example, indistinguishable food with options of 3 sizes; S, M and L, size s starts with regular price, differently the price of size M and L is not much far apart. Customers would switch their orders from size M to L. This looks more worthwhile as their prices are not that far apart, maximizes sales growth of restaurant.

4. Build up self-online presence


Some restaurants that sell well at The front of restaurant but the sales appears to be bad on the online delivery platform. Customers of delivery platfrom are mostly people who lives in Social Media world. Therefore your restaurant must be present on Social Media and onine platform as well.

Make sure that every channels on Social Media, whether Facebook or Line must be found, importantly on Google Map, when a pin is on the map must be officially claimed as Restaurant. More channels of marketing publicity works effectively. Without knowledge of how-to pin or claiming pin of your restaurant officially, you can receive assistance from Siam Commercial Bank as special providing.

5. Attracting Customers to order online, more convenience boost up orders

Frequent content making or frequent promotion of discount attracts customers to order, when business existence is already in online. Some restaurant can increase sales growth effectively by giving discount code, collaboration with every apps, repeatedly promoting through its official page and other channels. Privilege to loyal customers and at the same time boosting sales growth, is simple and genius way to do it yourself.

6. Paying attention to quality – Reason of first purchase might be marketing, but second purchase must certainly be the impression

“Promotion increases delivery numbers, not something that will allow business to grow sustainably. The most important thing is ควบto control quality of food to meet safety standard and to maintain indistingishable taste like once it served in restaurant the most. An account of customer experience must be taken in mind as the first step they receive package, it needs to function food delivery quality with pleasant taste. Moreover, credible and memorable branding must be included as the idea of giving good things to customer. These all are the most important thing with impossibility to miss one of them.

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