Dishes for Creating Jobs Short Order Dishes with Sauce Bases Free Tips on Ingredients, Equipment and Cost Calculation

Jul 03, 2021
Want to sell well? Your restaurant needs sauce bases because robust flavor is the biggest charm that’ll make your customers miss you, come back for more and remember your restaurant’s savory essence for a long time. When opening a restaurant, you need standards. Sauce bases control the flavor of every dish to be the same. You won’t have to panic when you change chefs because the sauce bases will ensure your flavors are exactly the same. In addition, they can save cooking time. MHA’s here to give away sauce base recipes, such as for all-purpose sauce, basil sauce and three-flavored sauce, and tips for the ingredients and equipment new restaurateurs need. We also calculated the complete costs for you. You could probably open a restaurant right after reading this article. 

List of Recommended Ingredients for Short Order Dishes and Sauce Bases
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List of Recommended Ingredients

1 Healthy Boy Fish Sauce
2 Healthy Boy Thick Oyster Sauce
3 Healthy Boy Seasoning Sauce
4 Healthy Boy White Soy Sauce Formula 1
5 Healthy Boy Black Soy Sauce Formula 5
6 Lin Natural Cane Sugar
7 White Pepper Powder
8 Tubtim Soybean Oil
9 Tubtim Palm Oil
10 Chat Fragrant Rice 70%
11 McGarrett Baking Soda
12 Rosdee Pork Flavor Seasoning Powder
13 Savepak Sea Salt
14 Dok Bua Coconut Sugar
15 Aro Vermicelli
16 Aro Chili Paste

List of Recommended Ingredients

17 Falcon Unsweetened Evaporated Milk
18 Aro Tamarind Paste
19 Savepak Tempura Flour
20 Thai Garlic
21 Red Chinda Chili
22 Basil Leaves
23 Kafir Lime Leaves, Stems Removed
24 Chinese Garlic
25 Aro Frozen Lime Juice
26 Mahachai Sen Yai
27 Aro Chicken Eggs
28 Chinese Kale
29 Fried Garlic
30 Long Cucumbers
31 Green Onions
32 Plum Tomatoes

List of Recommended Ingredients

33 Onions
34 Limes
35 Chinese Celery
36 Shallots
37 Savepak Pickled Garlic
38 Savepak Vinegar
39 Red Chi Fa Peppers, Packed
40 Chicken Trimmings
41 Pork Rump
42 Shrimp Size 41-45 Pcs
43 Squid
44 Minced Pork
45 Red Tilapia
46 Straw Mushroom
47 Galangal
48 Lemongrass
49 Dried Bird’s Eye Chili

List of Recommended Equipment for Short Order Dishes and Sauce Bases

List of Recommended Equipment

1 NEONOCK Standard Small Pushcar with a Roof Size 155x55x200 cm
2 Rectangular Tray with a Rack Size 50x35x2 cm
3 Rocket Medium Stainless-Steel Spatula with a Wooden Handle
4 Seagull 20-cm Frying Strainer with a Wooden Handle
5 Aro 16-in Vinyl Tongs
6 Seagull 24-cm Gladiator 4DX Pan with a Handle
7 Seagull 36-cm Iron Wok with a Wooden Handle
8 Aro 33-cm Mixing Bowl
9 SJS-008 Plastic Measuring Cup Set
10 SJS-008 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set
11 Sunford Stainless Steel Digital Scale 5kg #FEH5000
12 Hi-Speed “Protech” #KB5 Gas Cooker

List of Recommended Equipment

13 Seagull 8-in Pro Chef Knife
14 Seagull 5-in Pro Fruit Knife
15 Large Cutting Board Size 24.5x40.5x1.5 cm #CB219
16 Aro 18-cm Indian Pan
17 Aro 14-cm Indian Pan
18 Aro 3-in Stainless Steel Ladle
19 Aro 22-cm Sauce Pot
20 Aro Large Chinese Ladle
21 Sharp Rice Cooker #KSH-D55 5L
22 Aro Melamine Ladle
23 Round 15-L Cooler
24 Poplock 2200-ml Food Saver Box #9153

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List of Recommended Equipment

25 NT Wooden Pan Washer
26 Fest 600-ml Paper Boxes
27 Ziplock Sauce Bags 5x7 cm x 1000 pcs
28 Aro 100 Transparent PP Spoons
29 Aro 1 kg 8x16-in Extra Thick Bags
30 Aro 2-mm Spoons
31 Aro 2-mm Forks
32 Seagull Chinese Spoons
33 SP 11-in White Oval Plates
34 SP 9-in White Shallow Round Plates
35 SP 2.75-in White Bowls
36 SP 7-in White Wide-Mouth Bowls
37 10.5-in ABS Chopstick Box Assorted Colors #CBC

Cost Per Serving
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However, if you want to learn each step for the following in detail: 

·        Basic measuring and weighing equipment you need to know. 
·        How to make all-purpose sauce, basil sauce and three-flavored sauce.
·        How to cook using all-purpose sauce (making phat si-io, garlic pork and seafood fried rice with a fried egg).
·        How to cook using basil sauce (making phat kaphrao with minced chicken and a fried egg and instructions on how to fry an egg).
·        How to cook using three-flavored sauce (making yam wun sen ruam mit, tom yam kung and fried fish with chili sauce).
·        How to make chili and fish sauce and how to select and cook rice. (How to make chili and fish sauce and how to select and cook rice.)
·        Popular short order menu items and techniques for cooking delicious short order dishes, starting with menu items that use the all-purpose sauce, basil sauce and three-flavored sauce.
·        How to arrange a dish, establish the amount per serving, add value to dishes, calculate the cost and set the prices for short order dishes.

In addition, there’s an example on how to calculate the cost of basil sauce in the “Short Order Dishes and Secret Sauce Base Recipes for Professionals” course. If you want to take a look at a complete table for calculating the cost so you can know the correct cost and set the right price so you don’t lose money, you can check it out in the course by logging in > clicking Chapter 1 > downloading the file for the table of costs under the clip.

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