Dishes for Creating Jobs: Shabu Skewers; Free Tips on Ingredients, Equipment and Cost Calculation

Jul 03, 2021
The lockdown crisis has made it impossible to sit and dine in a restaurant. Try selling “shabu skewers” via delivery or storefront. Either way works, because they come in the form of skewers. They’re easy to eat and inexpensive. Customers are guaranteed to enjoy! Let’s take a look at how to make clear soup, dark soup, suki dipping sauce and ponzu sauce as well as the list of recommended ingredients and equipment for beginners and the cost per skewer and shabu skewer per serving.


List of Recommended Ingredients for Shabu Skewers

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List of Recommended Ingredients
1. CP Tender Chicken Breast
2. Super Chef Sliced Ham Bacon
3. Super Chef Smoked Chicken Hot Dog
4. Super Chef Smoked Chicken Cocktail Sausage
5. Super Chef Bologna Sausage
6. Super Chef Bologna Chilli Sausage
7. Super Chef Pork Ham
8. CP Egg Tofu
9. Super Chef Frozen Marinated Tender Pork
10. Super Chef Frozen Marinated Tender Pork with Sesame Oil
11. Super Chef Frozen Marinated Tender Pork with Black Pepper
12. Shokun Fish Tofu
13. Aro Pork and Chicken Meatballs
14. Aro Pork Stick Bar
15. Aro Frozen Imitation Crab Stick
16. Enoki Mushroom
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List of Recommended Ingredients
17. Eryngii Mushroom
18. Bangkok Noodle Natural Yellow Noodle
19. Aro Kelp Noodle
20. Lemon
21. White Sesame
22. Frozen Squid Pineapple Cut
23. Aro Vermicelli
24. Bangkok Noodle Natural Yellow Noodle
25. Savepak Sea Salt
26. Mitr Phol Rock Sugar
27. Aro Chicken Flavor Seasoning Powder
28. Healthy Boy White Soy Sauce Formula 1
29. Aro Dashi Soup Stock
30. Aro Dried Mushroom Medium
31. Aro Mirin
32. Aro Tomato Sauce

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List of Recommended Ingredients

33. Aro Chili Sauce Medium
34. Huanghowl Pickled Beancurd
35. Healthy Boy Thick Oyster Sauce 8
36. Lin Natural Cane Sugar
37. Aro Sesame Oil
38. Savepak Vinegar
39. Chinese Garlic
40. Onions
41. Green Onions
42. Coriander
43. Chinese Cabbage
44. Water Spinach
45. Raw Shrimp Size 41-45 pcs/kg
46. Broccoli
47. Baby Corn
48. Carrot
49. Chicken Frame
50. Red Bird’s Eye Chili
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List of Recommended Equipment
1. Aro Stock Pot 30 cm
2. Seagull Noodlepot 14" 2 Hole
3. Houseworth Hot Plate 1 Head #Hw-Hp01
4. NT Noodle Strainer Wooden Handle# L
5. Aro Stainless Steel Ladle 3"
6. Stainless Tong 29 cm x 2 pcs
7. Aro 14-cm Indian Pan
8. Aro Sauce Pot 22 cm
9. Aro Large Chinese Ladle
10. Seagull 8-in Pro Chef Knife
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List of Recommended Equipment
11. Large Cutting Board Size 24.5x40.5x1.5 cm #CB219
12. Aro 8-in All-Purpose Scissors
13. Rectangular Tray with a Rack Size 50x35x2 cm
14. Crocodile Aluminum Tray Size 34x48 cm
15. Aro Bamboo Skewers 6" 500g
16. Fest Paper Bowl White 850 ml
17. Fest Paper Bowl Chicken Pattern 520 ml
18. SJS-008 Plastic Measuring Cup Set
19. SJS-005 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set
20. Sunford Stainless Steel Digital Scale 5kg #FEH5000

Cost Per Serving
A free example of how to calculate the cost of shabu skewers (1 serving).
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