Dishes for Creating Jobs: Coconut Milk-Flavored Sticky Rice; Free Tips on Ingredients, Equipment and Cost Calculation

Jul 03, 2021
If you want a dessert that caters to Thai tastebuds, we recommend coconut milk-flavored sticky rice. It’s sweet, creamy, saturated with coconut milk and fragrant. It’s served with mangos, a tangy fruit that makes a great complement.  If you want to sell it to generate an income and a job, MHA is giving away instructions for how to make coconut milk-flavored sticky rice, starting with how to polish the rice to give it a shine and make the grains line up, how to make the coconut milk mixture and how to make a coconut milk sauce for the coconut milk-flavored sticky rice as well as how to make coconut milk-flavored sticky rice with savory toppings such as shrimp, egg custard and caramelized shredded coconut.
Let’s take a look at how to make coconut milk-flavored sticky rice in this clip along with the list of ingredients, equipment and cost calculation for coconut milk-flavored sticky rice!


List of Recommended Ingredients for Coconut Milk-Flavored Sticky Rice
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List of Recommended Ingredients
1. Ampawa Coconut Milk 100%
2. Aro Khiew Ngu White Glutinous Rice
3. Mitr Phol Pure Refined Sugar
4, Aro Iodized Refined Salt
5. Tubtim Soybean Oil
6. Mitr Phol Cane Sugar Mixed with Coconut Sugar
7. Butterfly Pea Flowers
8. Turmeric Powder
9. Pantai Shrimp Paste with Soya Bean Oil
10. White Sesame
11. Coriander
12. Small Peeled Garlic
13. White Pepper
14. Kafir Lime Leaves, Stems Removed
15. Duck Eggs
16. Aro Chicken Eggs #2
17. White Shrimp Size 41-45 Pcs/kg
18. White Grated Coconut
19. Overripe Coconut Strips
20. Pandan Leaves

List of Recommended Equipment for Coconut Milk-Flavored Sticky Rice
List of Recommended Equipment
1. Aro 3-Tier Steamer 36 แm with Glass Lid
2. Aro 110x90-cm White Thin Cloth
3. Seagull 8-in Pro Chef Knife
4. Large Cutting Board Size 24.5x40.5x1.5 cm #CB219
5. Rocket 30-cm Mixing Bowl
6. Rocket 18-cm Mixing Bowl
7. Seagull 30-cm Gladiator 4DX Pan with a Handle
8. Rocket Medium Stainless-Steel Spatula with a Wooden Handle
9. Aro Sauce Pot 22 cm
10. Aro Large Chinese Ladle
11. Seagull Wood Spatula
12. Stainless Steel Colander V Series 22 cm
13. 8-in Stone Mortar with Pestle
14. SJS-008 Plastic Measuring Cup Set
15. SJS-005 Stainless Steel Measuring Spoon Set
16. Sunford Stainless Steel Digital Scale 5kg #FEH5000
17. Aro Bakery Box #PR-07 x 100 Boxes
18. Aro Green Recycled Handle Bags Size 12x20 in 1 kg
19. Aro PS Spoon & Fork Set, Pack 50 Pairs
20. Ziplock Sauce Bags 8x12 cm x 400 pcs

Cost Per Serving

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In addition, there’s an example on how to calculate the cost of coconut milk-flavored sticky rice, including cost calculation for green, purple and yellow coconut milk-flavored sticky rice with shrimp, egg pudding and caramelized shredded coconut toppings as well as coconut milk sauce and coconut milk-flavored sticky rice with assorted toppings.

Coconut Milk-Flavored Sticky Rice
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