Dishes for Creating Jobs Boat Noodles (Traditional Recipe) Free Tips on Ingredients, Equipment and Cost Calculation

Jul 03, 2021
Boat noodles are another menu item to watch. This dish can create jobs with a substantial income. Boat noodles stand out with a uniquely rich and balanced flavor that suits Thai taste buds. In addition, the dish is served in tiny bowls for a reasonable price starting at only 16-20 baht! Anyone would want to order double. Let’s take a look at the ingredients and equipment, then calculate the cost per serving first. In addition, at the end of this article, we’re giving you a free boat noodle recipe from Chef Phatcharaphon, an expert in Thai and European cuisine with over 10 years of teaching experience. You can open a shop right after learning this recipe.


How to Create a List of Recommended Ingredients for Boat Noodles (Traditional Recipe)

List of Recommended Ingredients for a Boat Noodle Restaurant

1 Rosdee Pork Stock Cube
2 Ajinomoto Plus MSG
3 Savepak Pickled Garlic
4 Huanghowl Pickled Bean Curd
5 Healthy Boy Soybean Paste Formula 1
6 Healthy Boy Seasoning Sauce
7 Ampawa Boxed Coconut Milk
8 Healthy Boy Black Soy Sauce Formula 5
9 Star Anise
10 Cinnamon
11 White Pepper
12 Savepak Sea Salt
13 Dok Bua Brand Coconut Sugar

195718878_865516374173373_854553935497187723_n.jpg 1.05 MB

List of Recommended Ingredients for a Boat Noodle Restaurant

14 McGarrett Baking Soda
15 Rosdee Pork Flavor Seasoning Powder
16 Savepak Vinegar
17 Wai Wai Dehydrated Rice Vermicelli
18 Aro 21-Piece Instant Noodles
19 Aro Vermicelli
20 Roasted Chili Powder
21 Mitr Phol Rock Sugar
22 Aro Pork and Chicken Meatballs
23 Mahachai Sen Lek
24 Mahachai Sen Yai
25 Five Dragon Yellow Noodle
26 Chinese Celery

197838565_865516380840039_8669942857228509742_n.jpg 1.17 MB

List of Recommended Ingredients for a Boat Noodle Restaurant

27 Red Chinda Chili
28 Thai Garlic
29 Pork Liver
30 Water Spinach
31 Bean Sprouts
32 Raw Pork Blood
33 Culantro
34 Lemongrass
35 Old Galangal
36 Pork Backbone
37 Pandan Leaves
38 Daikon
39 Pork Rump
40 Frozen Pork Fat

List of Recommended Equipment for Boat Noodles (Traditional Recipe)

List of Recommended Equipment for a Boat Noodle Restaurant

1 NEONOCK Standard Small Push Cart with a Roof + Hole for a Noodle Pot + Stove Stand Size 115x55x200 cm
2 Seagull 40-cm 3-Compartment Noodle Pot
3 Hi-Speed “Protech” Gas Cooker
4 Tall Round Gas Stove Stand
5 Noodle Display Case, 60x30x85 cm
6 NT Large Noodle Strainer with a Wooden Handle
7 Rocket 5-in Ladle with a Wooden Handle
8 Aro 14-cm Indian Pan
9 Poplock 2200-ml Food Saver Box
10 Rocket Medium Stainless-Steel Spatula with a Wooden Handle

201111503_865516697506674_4724723680563584937_n.jpg 1.02 MB

List of Recommended Equipment for a Boat Noodle Restaurant

1 1 Seagull 20-cm Frying Strainer with a Wooden Handle
12 9-in Stainless Steel Noodle Strainer with a Wooden Handle
13 Seagull 24-cm Gladiator 4DX Pan with a Handle
14 Aro 3-in Stainless Steel Ladle
15 Aro 22-cm Sauce Pot
16 Large Chinese Ladle
17 Rocket 30-cm Mixing Bowl
18 5-in Traditional Chicken Bowls
19 9-in Traditional Chicken Bowls
20 Seagull Chinese Spoons

21 Rocket 4-pc Condiment Set

Cost Per Serving

However, if you want to learn each step for the following in detail:

·        Basic measuring and weighing equipment you need to know.

·        How to make soup and prepare pig’s blood.
·        How to select different kinds of noodles for a boat noodle shop, for example, sen lek, sen mee, sen ba mee, sen yai, wun sen and instant noodles.
·        How to select and prepare pork, organ meats and meatballs as well as how to cook ingredients.
·        How to make salad sauce and chili vinegar sauce.
·        How to prepare table condiments and side dishes (vegetables, pork rinds, fried garlic).
·        How to arrange dishes for serving and how to calculate the cost.

We recommend our free online course, Boat Noodles (Traditional Recipe), taught by Chef Phatcharaphon Piamchuchat, an expert in Thai and European cuisine with over 10 years of teaching experience! Sign up and learn for free by clicking the top right corner:

In addition, there’s an example on how to calculate the cost of (sen lek) boat noodles sold at the price of 20 baht with an ingredient cost of 11.87 baht in the “Boat Noodles (Traditional Recipe)” course. If you want to take a look at the table for calculating the cost of noodle soup, salad sauce (for flavoring noodles), marinated pork, chili vinegar sauce, pork rinds, fried garlic and a 35-baht bowl of boat noodles so you can know the correct cost and set the right price so you don’t lose money, you can check it out in the course by logging in > clicking Chapter 1 > downloading the file for the table of costs under the clip.

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