Design easy menu items to earn like a pro

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Design easy menu items to earn like a pro.  Create great signature menu items for your restaurant in this free online course!   "Menu Design, Design Captivating Menus to Earn Like a Pro"  Your restaurant has a lot of menu items, but they don't sell. That's because it's not just the right flavors or the right appearances that matter. Instead… You also have to provide what customers want.   Makro HoReCa Academy will help restaurant owners design captivating restaurant menu items and find signature menu items that appear appetizing as soon as seeing its menu sign!   This online course is suitable for restaurant owners who want to create new menu items or adjust existing menu items into popular restaurant menu items. Let's learn how to design menu items to match exactly what customers want as well as how to always invent new menu items, design menu items by following trends, designing set menu items to increase plate value and design advertisement media for the entire restaurant, outside the restaurant and on tables, and how to design book menus and recommendations pages, and how to organize menus to boost sales.
Chapter 1 Designing Appropriate Restaurant Menu Items   Restaurant Menu Item Creation Concepts
Menu Design for Existing Restaurant Owners

Chapter 2 How to Arrange Food Menu Media to Sell Well
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