Use Daily Specials to Boost Coffee Shop Sales

Jul 01, 2019
Owning a coffee shop is the dream of many people, and many people have successfully realized this dream. This is why we encounter so many coffee shops at nearly every street corner and along alleys and lanes. While many of these coffee shops do survive, it cannot be denied that a number of coffee shops have to close down after failing to generate sufficient profit. If you are thinking about opening a coffee shop or already own a coffee shop and want to learn some techniques to boost your sales, we have some easy income-boosting ideas for you. 1. Offer supplementary menu items that are not beverages. The weakness of coffee shops is that there are limited time periods when people drink coffee. Mostly, people drink coffee early in the morning before working until around 10 am, at which point people might drink more coffee, then possibly again from noon to two pm. Forget about evening times because hardly any customer will want to drink coffee around that time; while it might be possible to sell some coffee at night, you won't sell a lot. However, there are many ways to correct this weakness. The simplest method is to also sell snacks that can be enjoyed with coffee. If your shop has a lot of seats and customer like to sit down and eat, you can offer some simple food menu items as a good way to improve sales such as rice + food to go or spaghetti and different kinds of sauces. In particular, there are lots of high-quality frozen foods and ready-made cakes and baked goods for you to choose from, so you won't have to worry about giving yourself trouble by offering new menu items.

 | 2. Create new menu items out of existing ingredients. For the most part, coffee shops have regular customers, so creating excitement by inventing new menu items from existing ingredients can persuade customers to visit more frequently or to invite their friends to try out your shop. Try out new ideas such as by mixing coffee with matcha green tea with coffee or mixing beverages with soda or creating new sandwich fillings if you already have bread. These are easy options that require no additional investment. You can experiment and mix this ingredient with that ingredient and create new menu items to boost sales while maintaining your existing cost. In addition to earning more, you will be using up all your ingredients, so you won't have leftover or expired stock.
| 3. Offer Captivating Promotions Your punches don't just include great flavors that capture your regular customers, so don't forget to create promotions to keep up with your competitors. For example, you could offer a point-collection system, which is already a basic thing that every restaurant needs. In addition, buy-one-get-one-free is another great promotion for offering during certain time periods or days. While people might argue and ask whether or not giving discounts will leave you with losses, understand that what you only really invest in are those second cups of beverages but they give you regular customers who won't turn to other shops in return. Try to think of it from another perspective: the money that you invest in these extra beverages might be a lot less than what you'd have to spend on online advertisements, and people actually come to buy rather than just see you online but never decide to visit your shop.   If your restaurant offers a lot of menu items but customers are willing to pay for only one cup per bill, you could create set menu items and offer small discounts. This can help you maintain profit and boost your sales. Even though your profit per cup or piece might be a little lower, it's better than just selling one item at a time. While your profit might be a little lower in terms of amount, when everything's combined, your monthly sales will surely be higher.
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